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Sophie's review of Womanizer pro40

Sophie McGrath
Sophie McGrath
Customer service superstar
Perhaps, it was more of a one-night stand situation. You were great, Pro40, but thanks for coming!
Thanks For Coming

Maybe it is just me, but I just couldn't jump on the bandwagon with this product! Hailed as one of the best clitoral toys out there, I had a great first impression of the Pro40, but it hasn't lived up to the hype since.

Along with Satisfyer and Shegasm, the Womanizer range are a unique style of product, which uses Pleasure Air Technology (essentially a type of suction) to stimulate the clitoris. For the purposes of this review, I will just refer to the stimulation as suction because Pleasure Air Technology is a bit long winded.

Pro40 1

The suction of this product is deceptively strong. If you place the head of the womanizer on your finger or palm, the suction barely feels like anything, and you may doubt how this product could ever bring anyone to orgasm. However, when placed securely over the clitoris, any doubt will soon be removed. Unless, of course, you are like me, and have a great first impression, but it hasn't continued.

Design-wise, the Pro40 has comfort in mind. The handle is easy to hold, and the 'on' button and settings are easily located on the base of the plastic handle. Womanizer offer two sizes of silicone head to attach, catering to multiple sizes of clitoris – everyone is different after all! Out of the Womanizer range, the Pro40 offers the lowest possible setting, and then progresses to five other intensities. I haven't personally used any other products in the Womanizer range, but from speaking with others who have, the handle on the Pro40 is a favourite.

Pro40 3

On the Womanizer website, they pride their products on having a 'whisper quiet motor', which to an extent I agree, but only if in the right position. The Pro40 has an odd noise, which is almost a mix of vibration and suction. It is definitely quiet compared to the Shegasm, which is notably a loud product. When the head of the Womanizer is placed flat over the clitoris, with no gaps, the noise is relatively quiet – you wouldn't notice it through a closed door. Especially if you had some background music on. However, if you so much as lift the head a little bit, the noise increase is noticeable, and may bring up some questions from the flatties.

Which brings me to my next gripe with this product – I promise I'll get to the good parts soon! I couldn't move with the Womanizer! Not even a little wiggle! I found that if I moved even a little bit too much, I could accidentally remove the suction and needed to start from the beginning. The suction is deceptively stimulating. I didn't realize it was actually doing anything stimulating right away, until it snuck up on me! This has the potential to be a big negative in my books, if I wanted to 'feel' everything the entire time, and enjoy the journey to the finish line. I also found that while the build was relatively quick, so was the decline if I did accidentally removed the suction. It was super frustrating to have to go back to the beginning, and on more than one occasion I have resorted to going back to my trusty We-Vibe Tango.

Pro40 2

Now on to the good part! Note: I just said part, instead of parts.. The orgasm from this product was awesome. A bit of a surprise, but awesome, nonetheless. I'm a big fan of clitoral stimulation, and this was no exception, initially. As mention, it did sneak up on me, which was a pleasant surprise, and whether it was the different style of stimulation, rather than the stock standard vibration, the sensations this product inspired were next level. In that moment, I completely understood the whole hype.

However, I have not had the same experience since. Now I probably can't blame this on the product completely. Afterall, there are two players here - myself and the Pro40. Perhaps, it was more of a one-night stand situation. You were great, Pro40, but thanks for coming! Overall, I want to love this product so much. Perhaps, one day I will. Nevertheless, every experience since has been disappointing, so my Pro40 has been banished to the back of the toy box, until I decide to give it another chance.

With that being said, don't let my later experiences deter you! The Womanizer range is loved and raved about for a good reason. There is a reason why they have so many different models to choose from, and there are an overwhelming number of positive reviews about this product. This review just shows that not every product will satisfy everybody.

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