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Anal Toys

Love your booty and unlock the sexual pleasures of anal play with anal sex toys! Anal stimulation is more popular than ever, and we've got you covered with the best and biggest range of anal toys to help you hit the right spot every time.

Anal ToysAnal Toys

Anal Toys

Love your booty and unlock the sexual pleasures of anal play with anal sex toys!

Anal stimulation is more popular than ever, and we’ve got the best and biggest range of anal toys to help you hit the right spot.

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Anal toy Articles
The anal toys that penetrated the top of Adulttoymegastore's sales for 2018! . Expand article.

The year has nearly come to a conclusion and it's time for our annual anal analysis. The year is defined by the pleasing number of backdoor beginners that indulged in a pleasurable purchase. It's awesome to see that more people are probing for a desire they have probably always thought about, but never took the time to action.

The best anal toys of 2018!

Without further ado, here are ATMS's best-selling anal toys of 2018. You might be suprised by some of the picks!

Kicking off the list is the Basix 3.5 Inch Beginner's Butt Plug. 3.5 inches is simply the go to size for beginners. Smaller sizes help relax newcomers, as they know it's going to be relatively easy to insert. This overall, helps their mind and body relax and ultimately creates a positive introduction to anal play. It also comes in seven different colourways, so choose your favourite colour and bring your journey.

Secondly is the very pleasurable Double Trouble from the Anal Fantasy Collection. This product has many benefits. Firstly, it enables the benefits of a cock ring. Prolonging and also creating a more powerful male orgasm. Further, it allows couples to experience vaginal and anal penetration at once. Basically, allowing both partners to reach incredible new levels of pleasure and intimacy. It also is a great alternative for couples who have threesome fantasies, yet do not like the idea of introducing someone else into the bedroom.

The popularity of anal toys also accompanies the popularity of Desensitising Spray. Prevents discomfort during anal sex and is especially useful for people who want to experience anal play but find it difficult to relax. What's more, it smells great!

This Vibrating Thruster is probably the most advanced toy on this list. Once inserted this toy has seven pulsation patterns and three speed intensities to play with. It's also one of the few self-thrusting toys that has a suction base, this makes it especially popular for the variation in ways in which angles or places users can experience penetration.

This Sleek and Sensual Silicone Plug is another preferred choice for beginners. The beads on the shaft also give users an indication of what it might feel like to use anal beads.

Speaking of anal beads! The most popular beads for 2018 was these Jelly Anal Beads. Anal beads are unique in the way they are used. They are most often used for a raunchy release upon or during orgasm. However, they can be pulled out at any time during sex to build towards an orgasm or simply for pleasure. These beads are an affordable way to give anal beads a go and they are completely fine to use with silicone lube!

These Deluxe Vibro Balls are similar to beads, except string is connecting them instead of a shaft. All balls are also the same size so if you can fit one, you can take the rest! Take your time tugging each one out to savour the sensations. Time them with your orgasm for your most explosive climax yet!

Those who set goals succeed more! It's exactly the same when it comes to anal sex. This Colt Anal Trainer Kit is for the beginner who envisions bigger and better things in their future. This set of butt plugs is tapered for easy insertion and sized for a pleasurable graduation. The gradual increase in size prepares users for other forms of anal play which may use bigger toys on average.

Our final popular pick was for those who want to try everything at once. This Beginner's Fantasy Kit has five unique pieces for a range of sensation. The kit is often used by couples to spice up a dulling sex life. It's also an efficient option for those who want to figure out what they do and don’t like.

The benefits of anal sex

Many women enjoy anal sex because of the extra intensity and intimacy it provides. Pairing the sensations of anal sex with clitoral stimulation or vaginal penetration can bring many women to very powerful orgasms. Some women even state that the intensity and greater reception to feeling that comes with anal play helps them achieve orgasm easier than other sex acts. Whilst, for others it's so intense that it can only be experienced a little bit. It's also a great way around period sex!

Sometimes awesome anal play, especially when using anal toys is dependent on the chemistry partners have together. When chemistry is great and one partner is so turned on that they want to completely give themselves to the other person, this has made the most erotic and empowering experience some woman has ever had. Whilst if chemistry is not as good, for example during a one-night stand. Your body may not feel as comfortable opening up and therefore anal play is off the cards or will not feel nearly as good.

Anal play has traditionally been associated with gay men, however this time is no more! Anal play is so popular amongst men because it takes advantage of stimulating the p-spot or prostate gland. This gives men the possibility of a p-spot orgasm, multiple orgasms or simply more powerful penile orgasms. It's also incredibly healthy for men. Stimulation of the prostate encourages blood flow, boosts immunity and helps release leftover seminal fluid.

The number of beginners' products also reflected the shift in attitudes towards anal play amongst heterosexual males. We expect the recent trend of pegging played a role in sparking curiosity for many couples in anal play. It's also been featured plenty of times in pop culture. However, there are no pegging toys on this list, this was expected as it's done by more experienced new users. Any anal play for men is very healthy as it encourages


Remember to always use lubricant with any anal stimulators. For beginners it's recommended to be generous with lubricant to ensure safety. The amount of lubricant applied may depend on how long you plan on anal play for lasting or what you are using.

Anal lube summary

All of Adulttoymegastore's orders are shipped in discreet plain packaging. If you have any concerns, see our shipping information page or contact customer service.

Checkout Adulttoymegastore's full range on anal sex toys, including anal beads, butt plugs, prostate massagers and anal lubes.

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Anal Toys
Make your anal play luxurious with any of these anal toys! . Expand article.

There's a few things out there that will brighten your day, starting the day with an awesome breakfast, appreciating the present, exercising, seeing a golden anal toy. This will literally brighten your day if it's reflecting some sunlight, blindingly so. They say that when you're trying to find the perfect partner, all that glistens is not gold, but when you’re looking deep into your partner's eyes and become a bit distracted from the golden butt plug emanating from their behind, you know you've discovered the one.

The advantages of a golden anal toy

The difference between many anal stimulators is their design and the material they've been created from. What sets apart golden gluteus gratificators is that they're usually made of metal (not actual gold unless you're absolutely loaded) or hypoallergenic glass. This is important to consider as these materials are better for cleaning and pleasure.

Should you be worried about your glass toy breaking?

An understandable worry, you definitely don't want anything rogue getting stuck in there. Even though throughout a very horny history many people have got things stuck back there, this has usually involved using random things as sex toys or not using them safely! Anyway... Hypoallergenic glass is super sturdy, you don't need to worry about anything breaking. Imagine the strongest cooking dish you have ever seen or owned and applying that material to anal play, it's not going to break even when the oven gets hot.

Before we get into things, cleaning golden anal toys is going to be a breeze. It's non porous so no pesky bacteria can harbour within your toy. A bit of hot water and some sex toy cleaner will be all you need. They're also completely fine to place in a dishwasher if you can't be bothered manually cleaning.

10 Golden opportunities for anal play

One popular pick is the Mini Luv Plug from Fetish Fantasy Gold. This bad boy is perhaps the most luxurious thing you could ever put back there. Gold is great, but diamonds last forever. With the crystal-adorned base the user will become the light at the end of the tunnel.

If you're interested in more jewelled butt plugs, see Bling for your Butt 10 Jewelled Anal Toys.

Many anal toys can be used in multiple orifices, always check if this is safe first. Also, if you're going to be double dipping (inserting in different orifices), it's recommended to put a condom over your sex toy. This ensures that no bacteria is cross contaminating other parts of the body.

This Icicles Massager G08 is great for g-spot (her) or p-spot stimulation (him). This is through its sophisticated design and tapered tip. Further the ring at the bottom has double usage, either being a placeholder for a bullet vibrator and a doorstop so things never enter too deep.

Interested in hauling an entire treasure trove through the backdoor, this Large Metal Butt Plug is the bounty you’re looking for. Metal is worth considering because it's heavier than glass. This means that the toys will pull on itself and create sensations as it moves. Worth their weight in gold the saying goes. Metal toys use gravity to their advantage in certain positions, you just need to be cautious about the extra weight. As you don't want anything to enter uncomfortable depths or be pulling too strong upon exit.

P-spot stimulation is the aim of the game for male anal pleasure. So you want to choose a prostate massager that emphasise this. The ribbing on the upside of this Icicles G03 massager will give additional p-spot stimulation.

Do you love anal play? Then this Annri R T2 Plug has your best interests at heart. With a base that's Swarovski jewelled and sensually fuelled, it's a romantic way to touch base with your partner.

The point of anal beads is that they become progressively larger. Unlike other anal toys, anal beads aren't really about insertion or the movement of the beads while they're in. Pulling the beads out is where users will feel intense sensation. Make your graduation golden with this Icicles Gold G09. The popular way to utilise anal beads is by quickly pulling them out simultaneously with orgasm. Remember that release doesn't have to be fast, if you are more comfortable with it being slower, communicate this!

Blossoming from your bottom comes this Flower Based Butt Plug. An alternative gift to the standard bouquet, it'll last a lot longer too! This plug also comes in silver.

They say speech is silver but silence is golden. However, in a sexual context the definition should be reversed. It's highly unlikely that you'll remain silent when using the G12. This is an elegant way that backdoor beginners can enter anal play. The tapered tip makes insertion a breeze, whilst the ergonomic hook allows easy control. If you're looking for something a bit bigger, take a look at the G11.

Finally we have the Icicles G07. Decked out in ribbing on the shaft, the details from this piece will match your desire. Again, the vibrating bullet can upgrade stimulation to the max.


All toys within this list are suitable for temperature play. Temperature play involves heating or cooling down your sex toy for additional sensation upon insertion and during play. This is usually achieved by submerging a toy in hot or cold water. Sometimes heating up or cooling down a toy is used just to make things more comfortable. Ensure you discuss with your partner the limitations of how hot or cold one is willing to go.

Lubricant is essential to any form of anal play. Although any lubricant can be used for anal play, there are a few variables to consider. Water based lubricant may evaporate quickly, especially if playing with additional heat. Silicone lubricant will last the distance, but may require extra washing up afterwards. In any instance, the more lubricant applied the more safe one should be. If planning on a marathon, then lubricant may need to be reapplied.

Worried about the privacy of your order?

Customer privacy is at the heart of Adulttoymegastore. Rest assured that all orders are shipped in discreet plain packaging.

Checkout Adulttoymegastore's entire range of anal sex toys, including the Icicles Gold range, glass anal toys, anal beads and anal lubes.

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By 22 days ago
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Anal Toys
The amount of men of any sexuality taking place in anal play is increasing by the day. But why? And what are the benefits? . Expand article.

Cock rings are like a thriller movie in a sex toy. Keeping you stiff throughout and ending in a typically explosive and satisfying ending. Because of their benefits, cock rings have become very popular. If you're experiencing a streak of premature ejaculation then cock rings are your solution. If erectile dysfunction has ambushed your relationship, then cock rings will help maintain an erection. Simply, many people would like to last a bit longer for their partner and to save many guys having to imagine some grandma they walked past to slow reaching the point of no return.

Many men have been open to bringing the standard cock ring into the bedroom. Usually, they encourage the idea because it avoids the misconception of being replaced by a sex toy. They remain the phallic protagonist, keeping that 9 inch dual density suction-cup dildo your partner hides in their wardrobe as an understudy. Remember, you could never be replaced! Sex toys are enablers not disablers, you just have to ensure that you understand why a sex toy is being utilised and discussing this with whoever you decide to use it with.

Anyway where was I... Even though cock rings are impressively popular, not until recently has the addition of anal stimulation been welcomed by mens of all sexuality. This comes as a result of a turning point in sexual history where men are progressive in mind and progressive in pleasure. Considering the recent trends of pegging, cuckolding, analingus, serenailing (apparently this involves playing an instrument while having sex. How do you think Jimi Hendrix got so good?), associating anal play with your cock ring is just the tip of the assberg.

Practice, practice, practice...

Why mix anal play with cock rings?

Prostate massage! Prostate massage probably has more benefits than using a cock ring. Pleasure wise, stimulating the prostate glands and the nerve endings on the anal sphincter have made for more intense orgasms. One report said that the male orgasm is approximately 33% stronger with prostate massage. Of course there is the possibility of enjoying the apex of all male pleasure, a prostate orgasm. The prostate orgasm is said to either send a tsunami of pleasurable waves throughout the body or an ultimate sensation that remains in one's midsection.

Let's move onto the health benefits of prostate massage and stimulating the prostate gland.

Fluid blockages - massage can release fluid blockages in your reproductive system. If you are experiencing pain during ejaculation, this may be due to a fluid blockage.

Erectile dysfunction - just like cock rings, prostate massage also encourages and erection. Like reinforcements flanking from behind, a cock ring anal toy is a great opportunity to beat erectile dysfunction. However, some men may still remain flaccid during anal play, this is completely natural and is not a sign of erectile dysfunction.

Reduce the chance of prostate cancer - enjoying a prostate massage about once a month greatly reduces the chance of prostate cancer. This is because some prostate fluid is not released during normal ejaculation and this can eventually cause the prostate gland to be inflamed or infected. A massage will release leftover prostate fluid. Further, if your comfortable enjoying anal play, you're also a lot more likely to get a prostate check. Health comes first!

A few cock ring plugs to consider!

The most popular anal cock ring at Adulttoymegastore is the Ass Gasm Cockring Plug from Anal Fantasy. Doubling in performance and pleasure the smooth round head of this plug makes insertion really comfortable. It's size also makes it a great option for any backdoor beginners.

For extra sensation you can try a Vibrating Cock Ring Plug. This will up the ante of any prostate massage and will further help maintain an erection. This plug is completely waterproof so feel free to use it during your morning, afternoon, midday, or midnight hygiene routine. However, water can be an anti lubricant, so you may need to be cautious about how long you have a shower for. If you can enjoy a cock ring plug in the shower without taking any longer. Your doing good for the environment and yourself.

I know the Rocks-off Ro-zen Pro looks really complex, but it's not actually too different. The main difference is that the cock ring features two rings, one for your testicles and one for your shaft. The small nodes on the bridge will stimulate your taint and the vibrating bullet is USB rechargeable! It's an upgraded cock ring made to target erogenous areas specific to men.

If your well experienced you could change materials to a stainless steel anal toy. This Tom of Finland Steel Cock Ring with Anal Ball is certainly going to pleasure your p-spot if you manage to get this one inserted. The difference that metal has is how much it weights. Therefore wearers can take advantage of gravity as the ball pulls downwards. This will create extra sensations, but is definitely more for experienced users.

Another variation on cock ring plugs is the Ass-kicker with Cock Ring. Not only is the cock ring going to enhance your sexual performance, but she will be even more happy with the clitoral stimulator attached to the ring.

Finally we've reached the graduation of cock ring anal toys with this Tri-orb vibrating Cock Ring with Weighted Silicone Anal Balls. The name is an absolute mouthful, please don't put this toy anywhere near your mouth. I'm pretty sick of explaining what each new anal toy does. This time it has additional anal beads, I'll leave it at that.

Important things to remember

Always use lubricant with any form of anal play. What is unique about cock ring anal toys is that neither partner may not check whether more lubricant is needing to be reapplied. Therefore, if you ever feel anything uncomfortable back there, it may be worth it to stop and check whether it needs to be removed or if more lube is needed. If your partner is donning the anal toy, check in with them to make sure everything is feeling a okay.

You can't use silicone lubricant with silicone anal toys. Use generous amounts of water-based lubricant or use oil based lube!

Thoroughly discuss the use of any anal toy before using or sharing it with a partner. This involves covering how to use it. Talking about insertion care, during care and even aftercare if you feel that’s needed. Further, it's important to know why you are using a toy, is it because of a fantasy? Are you simply just looking to try something new, are you craving variation in the bedroom. Being open can help each other cater towards other desires and can decrease feelings of performance anxiety and replacement.

If insertion cannot be achieved or anal play is feeling too uncomfortable. Then it's recommended to stop for the day and try again another time. The more you force a negative experience, the less likely you are to try it again!

All adult sex toy orders are shipped in discreet plain packaging. Rest assured that nobody will know what's in your parcel. If you have any worries, checkout our shipping information page, otherwise contact customer service!

Want to try it for yourself?

Ensure you see Adulttoymegastore's entire range of anal sex toys including, anal cock rings, anal beads, butt plugs and anal lubes.

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Anal Toys
How to choose an anal toy
Anal toys will help you to explore a whole new erogenous zone – the anus! Whether you're wanting to prepare for anal sex, or enjoy the different sensations of anal play, there is a multitude of different anal toy types to choose from.

From butt plugs to anal beads, and everything in-between, here are some of our top tips for buying the perfect booty toy.

Frist, choose your anal play experience level. Are you a beginner to anal play, or are you an advanced anal player? Next, choose the anal toy type that best fits your anal desires. Read about the Anal Sex Toys Guide to find out about the different types of anal toys available and what their intended purposes are.

What are the best Anal Toys for beginners?
If you're new to anal play and anal sex, there are only a few anal toy types suitable for you. That's because the anus is a highly sensitive, and delicate body part, so care and patience is needed when starting out with anal play.

The best anal toys for beginners are: Anal Training Kits, Butt Plugs, and Anal Beads. Specifically for men, we recommend P-spot anal toys, also known as prostate massagers, which are shaped with a bulbous tipped curve to reach a man's prostate easily.

Anal play beginners should start with small anal toys, such as butt plugs or anal beads, to get used to the sensation of anal play. Anal training kits are a great way to get started with anal play because they include a few different sized anal toys suited for beginners. Read our Anal Training Guide for Beginners to find out more.

How do you use a booty toy?
To use an anal sex toy, cover the toy in personal lubricant, and apply lubricant to the entrance of your anus. Insert the anal toy into the anus slowly and carefully, and stop inserting once the toy is inserted as far as you are comfortable with. The flared base or handle of the anal toy must remain outside the anus at all times for safe and easy removal. Make sure you read our Anal Toy Safety Guide before trying anal play for the first time, to ensure you're playing safe.

How do you clean an anal toy?
Anal toys should be cleaned thoroughly straight after each use using hot water, antibacterial soap and sex toy cleaner. If sharing an anal toy with a partner, make sure you use a condom with your anal toy to prevent the spread of bacteria and sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

What are the best anal sex toys for advanced anal toy users?
For anal play experts wanting to push their sexual boundaries and add new sensations during anal play, there are so many great options for stimulating, teasing and penetrating the anal region for sexual fulfillment. Experiment with temperature anal play using glass anal toys which can be heated or cooled. Add stimulation by vibration with anal vibrators, or take animal role play to the next level with butt plug tails.

If you're after an anal toy that will challenge you and fill you to the brim, huge butt toys will do the trick. Open your anus up for advanced anal play using tunnel butt plugs, or explore the orgasmic sensations of squirting anal toys or double penetration toys. Beware, these booty toys aren't for beginners and major anal training should be undertaken before these particular anal toys are attempted.