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From small dildos for beginners, to large dildos, strap-ons and double dildos – there's something to fit your every erogenous orifice and provide you with fulfilling internal stimulation whenever you want it.



Penetrate, ride and fulfil your sexual fantasies with a dildo!

From small dildos for beginners, to large dildos, strap-ons and double dildos – there’s a dong available to fit every erogenous orifice and provide fulfilling internal stimulation whenever you want it.

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Dildo Articles
Your new favourite sex trend is going mainstream! Check out these references to pegging in pop culture.... Expand article.

4 Pegging References in Pop Culture

Pegging's going mainstream!

While still considered a somewhat taboo subject, pegging is slowly becoming a more accepted and talked about subject, and we're all about it!

Pegging is an incredibly empowering and pleasurable experience for couples of any variety - if you're looking for some advice to start out, or want to know the ins and outs, be sure to check out our comprehensive guide!

We all know how influential pop culture can be. So hopefully by portraying pegging as a positive, empowering act, more people will open the doors to a bit of sexual exploration. Here are five pegging references that we've seen in pop culture....


Weeds was ahead of the craze, featuring pegging in an episode back in 2006. In this scene, Yael pegs Andy after finally agreeing to have sex with him. The encounter comes as somewhat as a surprise for Andy, however the show handles this scene in a positive way despite the lack of awareness that pegging had in the mid-2000s.

Broad City

The pegging scene from Broad City has become so infamous, that you've probably already seen it floating around the Internet somewhere. In this scene from 2015, Abbi is in bed with cute neighbour Jeremy. When she asks if they can switch things up, Jeremy excitedly rushes to his dresser to retrieve a large, bright green strap-on.

Abbi then faces a dilemma: to peg or not to peg? Of course, she calls up her best friend Ilana, who is excited and encourages her to go through with it, which she does - and everyone is happy. BFF goals, right?


The 2016 American superhero film Deadpool received a considerable amount of praise from viewers, who loved its dark humour and characters. But one scene that definitely shouldn't go unnoticed, is the pegging scene during the sex montage. In celebration of International Women's Day, Deadpool's wife Vanessa penetrates him with a strap-on.

The best thing about this reference is that pegging is often frowned upon by heterosexual males, as they believe it is linked to homosexuality. But in Deadpool, Ryan Reynolds, while portraying a "manly", tough character, has no problem playing up the gender roles and becoming the submissive one. Equality, ya'll!

Teen Vogue

It isn't just TV shows and movies that are promoting pegging in a sex-positive light! While suffering a bit of backlash about its appropriateness, Teen Vogue released an article earlier this year based around anal sex. While it did not exclusively cover pegging, the article was aimed at younger audiences to inform and educate them, including diagrams of the prostate and encouraging anal sex for all genders.

While it's not for everyone, pegging is known to strengthen heterosexual relationships, with professionals stating that the role reversal and gender switch can be incredibly beneficial.


Celebrities aren't so different from us after all! Again, while no celebrity has explicitly discussed the details of their pegging adventures (yet!), many have admitted to loving a bit of back-door action.

Among these celebrities is 50 Cent, Drake and Kanye West, although the details might be a little off. Either way, we reckon it's just a matter of time before our fave celebs give in to pegging...

Whether you and your partner are interested or not, always practice safe sex and keep things fun, sexy, and consensual!


Looking for some pegging essentials? The most important thing you'll need is a lubricant such as Moist Anal Lube, to ensure a pain-free, friction-free experience! This lube is silky smooth and will keep everything smooth and slippery.

You'll also need your strap-on harness and dildo. An all-in-one set is the easiest way to ensure you have everything you need - try something like the Fetish Fantasy First Time Vibrating Strap-On.

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By 7 days ago
Looking to try your first glass dildo? Here's 5 of our most popular picks, customer approved! . Expand article.

Apparently glass toys can get a bit of a negative wrap in the world of sex toys? I have no idea what anyone is talking about! I've only ever heard of compliments surrounding glass toys. There is the potential that when they first entered the industry people were skeptical about them breaking, but society has progressed far past this point and so has their pleasure!

These dildos are the equivalent of taking the material from the strongest oven dish you have ever seen and moulding it into a phallus. Hypoallergenic glass I believe it's called! This material is one of the safest and most hygienic materials you will come across. Firstly, they're non-porous meaning NO bacteria can harbour within the material even after cleaning. Users who keep proper care of their dildo will not have to worry about any pesky infections coming from their toy. Good care will also make the toy last a lifetime.

The one advantage that other materials have over glass toys is flexibility. This usually refers to silicone, which is the only flexible material that can match glass in terms of hygiene. This is why most premium brands exclusively use silicone to cover their toys. See '8 of the Best-Selling Silicone Sex Toys' if you're interested. Further, silicone or realistic dildos can pair with a dildo strap. So, if you desire strap-on then glass dildos are not for you.

Although they are not flexible, they do come in many delicious designs that can meet your sensual specifics. Whether it's vaginal penetration, g-spot stimulation or prostate massage, glass dildos will be there to satisfy!

Finally, if you're looking for some more spicy variation, glass is great for temperature play. Temperature play is used to create additional sensations upon insertion and the use of the toy. This is usually achieved through submerging the toy in cold or hot water before use. However, remember to discuss with your partner how hot or cold they are willing to go. Also, if you’re using water-based lubricant, it may dry up quicker if the dildo is hot!

Let's begin with a stock standard. The All In Glass Dildo! The shaft does have slight graduating bulbs. The girth doesn’t become that much bigger, making this dildo beginner friendly.

One beginner's review was: "I personally have never had anal so I have not used it for its desired purpose but it certainly does the job as a regular dildo. I have never actually purchased a glass sex toy because of the fear of the glass breaking but after receiving this product, I'd recommend that everyone tries a glass toy at least once."

The Glass Beaded Massager No.66 is an example of the craftsmanship glass massagers can feature. Just picking up this thing will get you feeling frisky. The design of this massager is similar to that of an anal bead. The idea is that as you insert the toy or release it, the beads provide awesome sensation. This massager is curved so that it stimulates the g-spot in females or p-spot (prostate) in males.

"The size of this toy is still perfectly suitable for beginners and can be an easy way to introduce new sensations. One review was “The blue/black glass looks amazing, you're not going to see it much, but it's an undeniably sexy toy. A good place to start for a newbie, or as a warm-up for further fun. Now, do they do it in twice the size?"

If sex was a test, this would be the toy to pass with flying colours. The Bobbie Glass Dildo! This is the true treasure at the end of the rainbow. If you look closely this toy is coated in bumps. The purpose of these bumps is to provide additional stimulation during use. A great dildo for those who are equally frisky and fashion forward. Look good, feel good!

Pretty in pink! Look at the detail they're squeezing into these things! Generally, the more features and patterns that are included on a dildo. The more potential pleasure you can expect! The Glass Massager No. 7 will leave you speechless in pleasure.

"I have always wanted to purchase a glass toy and was happy with this product when it arrived. The colour of the bumps is a lot lighter pink almost opaque but i think it makes it look a lot more elegant. Amazing quality and generally a well worth it product for the price. Helpful it's easy to clean and can be heated or cooled. Every girl needs one of these, if only you could display it, it's so pretty!"

Time for the golden finale! The Icicles Gold Edition range is as sophisticated as sensual insertions can get. The curve and tapered tip of the Massager G01 is made for g-spot or p-spot stimulation. While the ergonomic hook is featured for easy handling and to make sure the dildo does not slip to unwanted depths. This is especially important for any small dildo!


Remember to accompany the use of any dildo with lubricant. For beginners, the more the merrier is a good rule to ensure safety. There are a few variations that need to be considered when choosing a lubricant.

Water-based lubricant is the easiest to use in terms of clean up afterwards. However, it is the quickest to dry up and may require another application within one session. Oil-based lubricant is the longest lasting, but will breakdown most condoms. Therefore, this isn't recommended. With glass toys, silicone lubricant is the best because it is long lasting, condom safe and work very well in water. If wondering why some people cover their sex toys in condoms read 'Why do people put condoms on their sex toys?'

Checkout Adulttoymegastore's entire range of glass dildos here!

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By 8 days ago
Posted in Sex Toy Guides
Modern society is like a massive sausage party. With all the gigantic genitals floating around it's easy to feel inadequate. But are the dong discrepancies suggestive of male shortcomings? Find out within! . Expand article.

Research has shown that the average size of a dildo is larger than that of the average penis. The average toy measuring 7.52 inches (19.1cm), while the average penis measures 5.16 inches (13.1cm). Why is this and what does it say about men. Are most men at a biological shortcoming? Does size really matter? It's a question that has been asked throughout the years. Does the discrepancy between dildos and male genetics correlate with desire. Let's find out!

Within a society littered with pornography, displaying men who have been blessed with a massive manhood. Sometimes having a monumental member can make you a lot of money, take American rapper and ex lover of Nicki Minaj Safaree Samuels for example. Samuels signed a seven figure deal this year with sex toy company Doc Johnson, after a nude image of him and his "anaconda" like phella went viral. Doc Johnson moulded a realistic dildo of Samuels and he became more wealthy than his largely criticised music career ever got him.

Therefore, when popular pornography and the majority of dildos are bigger than even an above average joe, it's understandable that men can feel inadequate. Considering that the amount of young people receiving their sexual education from pornography is increasing, the trend can seem worrying. You can imagine you might have a lot of young men within their teenage years waiting for an unrealistic growth spurt.

So why are things bigger? Is big really better?

Firstly we need to acknowledge that there are plenty of small dildos out there. Many women will use an array of dildos all with differing sizes. Sometimes they will fancy a 9 inch King Cock, other times they will be feeling a 6 inch Mark 02. Bigger toys may only be used every now and then because they have a greater likelihood of being painful or uncomfortable. Of course the level of comfortability is different for each woman. The other perspective is simply in making an efficient purchase. You may as well buy more, owning a 9 inch dong doesn’t necessarily mean you even plan on inserting 9 inches. You may only desire 5 or 6 inches the majority of the time but can masturbate assured that if you fancy going deeper, the option is there. What’s that quote? One's eyes are bigger than one's stomach!

How much is sexual pleasure dependant on the penis?

Approximately 70% of woman cannot achieve orgasm through penetration! If you're sitting there thinking that your average prick is never going to cut it you're sensually mistaken. The worst thing you can do is trick yourself into thinking your chances of pleasing a woman is limited by your genetics. Steph Curry was told he was too small to play basketball professionally, a few years later he was named the NBA's MVP. Lionel Messi was told he was too small, he even had a growth hormone deficiency, yet he has consistently been called the best football player in the world. So why would you limit your mentality when it comes to sex? It's a learned skill just like anything else!

If you have a partner that reassures you that size is irrelevant, their words are more to keep you from losing confidence, being distracted and losing intimacy. If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity to have sex, then you have the opportunity to improve right? So keep your head in the game (pun intended) and make the most of things. Don't be the guy that talks up a big game and falls short, be the guy who stays humble and does everything he can to please his partner.

The balance between how well you use it and what she prefers

What do I mean when I say every woman is different? When it comes to sex this refers to endless erogenous variables but there are a few common themes. Before saying this, understand that many people may not have even discovered what their sensual specifics are and perhaps what will be the best suit for them. The other thing you should take away from this is that, people are different. Therefore, one approach won't satisfy everyone, so if you've got any misconceptions about a correct sexual strategy, it may be best to leave it here.

Firstly, we can think of those that prefer the real thing over any toy. An actual human is so much more physical, intimate and emotionally invested. With the ability to change angles, change pace, tease, make noises and provide visual arousal the preference is a no brainer. Not to mention they have the overwhelming advantage of a tongue and hands, which a dildo doesn't. Secondly, you’ve got those who fancy a bit of both. They enjoy the benefits that sex toys provide and the benefits of a partner. Sometimes she may fancy either or. Being open to incorporating toys into the bedroom can make the difference with this partner. Yes this may mean playing with a dildo that is better that is bigger than you, but will typically involve a couples vibrator. If you're in a relationship that uses sex toys, one important thing to remember is that you shouldn't force yourself to be comfortable with something. If either partner is really uncomfortable, the sex is going to be terrible. Instead try and have an attitude that at least understands different sex acts. I know some couples that have an "I'll try anything once" attitude, even then they take baby steps towards using certain toys, they always communicate and ensure each others comfortable. Lets say she enjoys using sex toys during sex, this doesn't mean you're inadequate. If she has another partner, she's not going to stop using sex toys. Therefore "how well you use it" may be dependant on how good you are at mixing your personal equipment with external equipment.

Checkout Adulttoymegastore's full range of dildos, including classic, realistic or glass dildos if interested in temperature play.

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By 22 days ago
Posted in Sexual Health
How to choose a dildo
Do you need help choosing and buying a dildo? We have hundreds to choose from, so here are our top tips for buying the perfect dong!

No matter what stage you're at when it comes to sex toy experimentation, whether you're a beginner or advanced user, every adult toy collection needs at least one dildo. Dildos can be used by men or women (anally or vaginally), and are great for masturbation as well as couples' play. Couples can use dildos to fulfil fantasies, experiment with temperature play, or try out pegging and strap-on sex.

The best dildos are ones that are non-porous (not made from materials that absorb fluid and can harbor bacteria). We believe that the best materials for dildos are 100% silicone, stainless steel or glass. Dongs come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, so it's important to choose the size and the design that will fit your body and sexual preferences best.

What are the best dildos for beginners?
Beginners should start with a smaller dildo, no larger than 7 inches in length with a smaller girth, until they are comfortable to try a larger toy. Smooth dildos are great for beginners, but dildos with curved tips for G-spot stimulation, or realistic dildos with penis-shaped tips and life-like balls are also great options, and if you want to attach your dildo to hard surfaces for hands-free action, buy a dildo with a suction cup base. Read The Best Dildos For Beginners to find out more.

Which dildos are best for strap-on sex?
If you want to try pegging or strap-on sex with your partner, you'll need to buy a harness with a compatible dildo. Some strap on harnesses are specially designed with a wide, round base with O-rings to hold onto the dildo. Some harnesses come with dildos, but many don't. Therefore, it's important to ensure the strap-on dildo you're purchasing will be compatible with your harness. Read The Ultimate Guide to Strap-on Dildos for Beginners for more information.

Can I use a dildo anally?
All dildos can be used for vaginal penetration, but only some dildos are safe for anal penetration. Those that are safe for anal use will be smooth and seamless and will have a flared base to prevent them from slipping too far into the rectum. You shouldn't use the same dildo vaginally and anally unless you are using condoms with the dildo, or are properly cleaning the dildo using hot water and sex toy cleaner in between uses. Read How To Clean Your Sex Toys for more information about how to care for your dildo.

How do you use a dildo?
First and foremost, Dildos always require lubrication. The personal lubricant that you use with your dildo needs to be compatible with the material the dildo is made from. Water-based lubricants are a safe bet if you're ever unsure of what lubricant to use. If you are using a dildo made of silicone, do not use silicone-based lubricant as silicone reacts with silicone. Read Everything you need to know about lubricants to find out more.

After you've lubricated your dildo and the outside of the vagina or anus, slide the dildo inside slowly and gently. You will experience a pleasurable full sensation and then can explore different speeds and angles to hit all your orgasmic areas with the dildo. After use, always thoroughly clean the dildo using antibacterial soap and hot water, and sex toy cleaner. Dry thoroughly before storing the dildo in a cloth bag or sex toy storage box.