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Add more buzz to your sex life and enhance your orgasms with a Vibrator! A vibrator will tingle, pulsate, and stimulate your intimate areas to lead you to climax faster, harder, and more intensely than ever before.



Add more buzz to your sex life and enhance your orgasms with a Vibrator!

A vibrator will tingle, pulsate, and stimulate your intimate areas to lead you to climax faster, harder, and more intensely than ever before.

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Bullet Vibrator
Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation
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Pleasure Bullet Vibe
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Neon Luv Touch Vibrating Bullet
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Neon Luv Touch GSpot Vibrator
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Micro Butterfly Stimulator
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Satisfyer  Pro GSpot Rabbit
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silver lady finger Vibrator
55% Off
Amore 10 Function Silicone Vibrator
5 Colours
Finger Vibrator
Exotik Slim Rabbit Vibrator
72% Off
OVO E6 Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator
2 Colours
54% Off
Neon Luv Touch Wave
2 Colours
63% Off
Discretion Black
67% Off
Plum Pleaser Vibrator
44% Off
BodyWand Rechargeable Massager
2 Colours
48% Off
Womanizer Pro 40 Clitorial Vibrator
2 Colours
56% Off
Satisfyer 2
Royal Rabbit Vibrator Kit
61% Off
18% Off
BodyWand Rechargeable Massager
2 Colours
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Kink Power Wand
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Silicone Classic Thin Veined 033
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Vibrator Articles
Buttplugs, cock rings, bullets and more! . Expand article.

Vibrators. Historically used for treating ‘hysteria’ in women, and now a staple in the bedrooms of many, they are a classic sex toy. However, one may tire of the simple ‘in-out thrust’ or the ‘hold it and hope for the best’.Here are some tips to get you reaching for your vibrator before you know it.

Bullet vibrators are a common favourite. They’re compact and easy to use. Perfect for someone who is starting out in the world of vibrators and values discretion. Typically used on the genitals, a bullet vibe can emit powerful vibrations to induce orgasm. However, it is also well suited to other erogenous zones! Try using your bullet vibe on your nipples for a delightful sensation.

Are you a fan of clitoral stimulation and regular old willy-shaped vibes just aren’t hitting the spot? Let me introduce you to the wonderful, eye-opening, toe-curling world of clitoral vibrators. Relatively new to the sex toy market, specialised clitoral stimulators use air to get you off. Yeah, that good old O2. Simply press the toy close to your clitoris and seal will form, releasing the O-inducing waves of oxygen-powered pleasure.

If you’re wanting to spice up your sex life with your partner, there are a range of vibrators to choose from. One of the more tantalizing options is a remote-control vibe. (AKA a Love Egg). These come in two parts: the vibrator and the remote. Simply insert the vibrator and relinquish control to your partner by handing over the remote. There is a range of these wonderful little devices to choose from.

The Mystic Vibe Wireless Vibrating Egg is easy to insert and able to be controlled from across the room.The Entice Ella Raspberry is a wired toy, making it perfect for getting up close and personal, or even solo play. The We-Vibe Jive Vibrating Egg is an insertable egg that connects to a partner app on your phone via Bluetooth. This is a perfect toy for long distance couples to play with, making getting each other off possible across continents. The Powerplay Bullitt Double comes with two vibrating bullets, allowing for doubly intense internal stimulation, or simultaneous internal/external stimulation.

If you’re someone who enjoys versatility in their sex toys, a wand is the answer. A vibrating wand is a toy that can be used both internally and externally, allowing you to change up sensations without interrupting your fun by making you rummage through your toy box. The Ombra Vibrating Wand is a powerhouse when it comes to wands. The flexible tip and variety of pulsing and shaking patterns will have you coming back again and again. The Shiatsu Massaging Wand is unique in its double-ended nature. The head of the wand provides powerful vibrations to the clitoris while the bottom of the wand is designed for penetrative stimulation that will blow your mind.

Vibrators don’t always have to be used for solo play, a vibrating cock ring can be just the thing to add that extra oomph to the bedroom. Easily placed over an erect penis, a vibrating cock ring not only provides stimulation for both parties, but restricts blood flow, allowing an erection to last longer. There are so many different styles of vibrating cock rings to choose from, you’ll never get bored.

The Verge by We-Vibe has a smooth design, allowing for easy movement across and between body parts. The Bunny Vibrating Cockring is specially angled away from the wearer, allowing their partner to receive more targeted stimulation. The Screaming O Plus Cock Ring houses a removable bullet vibe in a soft, studded sleeve for optimum pleasure. If you’re feeling like a little extra P-spot stimulation, try the Ass-Gasm Cockring Vibrating Plug. The Ass-Gasm is a vibrating buttplug attached to a cock ring, allowing for double the pleasure and a longer-lasting erection.

A classic rabbit vibrator is essential for those who love to stimulate both ends of the clitoris at the same time! The vibrating shaft is used to stimulate the G-spot, while the ‘rabbit’ rests on the clitoris for a mind-blowing orgasm. Some rabbit vibes, like the Le Reve Silicone Posable, take it to the next step with an anal probe. No one gets left behind!

Looking after your sex toys in necessary to the longevity of your purchase. An integral part of this is ensuring they are cleaned thoroughly after each use - especially when using them with a partner. Adulttoymegastore supplies a range of sex toy cleaners to suit any need you may have.

Remember to disinfect any toy that has been used anally before using it on or in another part of the body.

It is important to discuss the use of sex toys with any partners before introducing them into the bedroom. Remember that an open dialogue is key to a healthy sex life and can bring people even closer in their relationships.

Check out Adulttoymegastore’s full range of adult toys online to choose the perfect vibrator for you. Committed to helping you get your rocks off in the best way possible, all of the toys stocked at Adulttoymegastore are supplied by reputable brands and only use body safe materials.

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Need a little bit more than a slight buzz to get off? Or maybe a lot more? Try any of these 6 wand vibrators! . Expand article.

Wand massagers are preferred by many because they are so powerful. For those who want pleasure potential that can switch from a slight buzz to overwhelming erogenous enjoyment with the flick of a button.

The range of settings featured basically makes wand massagers perfect for any self-love or shared love session. For many, their first introduction into the world was through Sex and the City. After purchase, Samantha basically spent the entire day with her new friend. Wand massagers are just a satisfying classic, like strawberries and chocolate, or a polaroid picture.

One reason they were so popular was because they didn't require batteries, instead you could just plug them into the wall like any household appliance and you're away! Recent innovations in massagers has made them completely wireless, avoiding those annoying wires getting tangled up in your sheets or legs.

Another positive thing about wand massagers is that they sit on the rumblier side of the vibration spectrum. For a quick sensual summary, vibrators can be identified as being buzzy or rumbly. Rumbly often being the preferred choice, because it provides deeper clitoral stimulation. For the full rundown read: The Difference Between Buzzy and Rumbly Vibrators.

Before we get into things, don't forget about their original use. They are perfect for entire body massage! Either relieve some additional stress by yourself or share the toy with your partner for a sensual massage. End things on a happy note if you know what I mean.

To enter vibrating bliss for yourself, here's 10 of our most powerful wand massagers!

This Bodywand Rechargeable Massager is one popular pick. The massager has a range of vibration settings to dial through and one pulsation setting.

One customer review said "this toy is amazing so many good points! The cord is long enough to use while it's charging, its powerful, has different speeds and will totally rock your world. It was like scratching an itch I never knew I had"

Fancy taking your play into the shower? Bodywand have got you covered here as well. The Bodywand Aqua Silicone Massager has 64 combinations to help you reach climax. For an orgasmic start to the day, charge it overnight and then bring it with you into the shower.

Wand massagers have many different designs. The Climax Eos is ergonomically shaped to help with control and manoeuvrability. Making it easy to keep the pleasure consistent when any sudden muscle contractions happen. The 3-pad control panel makes the toy effortless to use, when sifting through the 9 functions. It's also USB rechargeable, meaning you can re energise your toy almost anywhere!

"A really great wand for the price. The charger fits any USB AC adapter and is magnetic. The 9 different settings are fantastic and are quite powerful as well"

If you're a beginner, looking to enter the magical world of wands, The Wittle Wanachi is a great option. Being smaller in size you'll find it really easy to control, this'll be especially useful if planning on a masturbation marathon. The flexible head also allows you to hold it at slightly different angles, instead of having to keep it stiffly in place. Don't judge this massager for its size. At its top setting, it's still a super powerful vibrator. However, beginners are recommended to work their way up to this level!

Lelo is famous when looking for its premium range of toys. If looking for the pinnacle in wand massager pleasure, then try this Smart Wand. What sets this massager apart from the rest is the SenseTouch technology it features. SenseTouch is an autonomous feature that lets the vibrations build upon skin contact. It's a nice touch, if you struggle to lose yourself in the moment, you don't have to worry about changing any settings by yourself. Great for those who prefer to start off light and incorporate more powerful intensities later on.

"If for every orgasm you get a dollar, this little gem is going to be paid for within a week."

Luxurious in design and lusty in desire comes the Le Wand Rechargeable Massager is another premium choice. The flexible neck of this wand makes use less rigid. Featuring 10 vibration speeds and 20 vibration patterns, your sensual specifics are guaranteed to be met. Like many premium vibrators it also comes with a travel case. Wouldn't want your massager getting hurt in transit.


Genital skin and tissue are delicate. Applying the head of a wand massager directly to dry skin may be overwhelming and uncomfortable. Applying a splash of water-based lubricant will make initial contact a lot more comfortable and body safe. Wet Stuff Gold is recommended!

Don't use silicone lube with wand massagers. Silicone lube will degrade any silicone material!

With great power comes great responsibility! Always discuss the use of any wand massager with your partner before introducing it to your sex life. Each partner should know exactly what the toy is used for and how to control intensity settings. Further, they should know whether any vibration intensities are off limits, more power does not necessarily mean more pleasure. Discussion does not only keep things body safe, but is likely to make everything that much more pleasurable and intimate!

Trying to choose the perfect vibrator? See Adulttoymegastore's entire range of vibrators online, including wand massagers, clitoral vibrators, rabbit vibrators, g-spot vibrators and even remote-control vibrators.

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By 17 days ago
Posted in Sex Toy Guides
Buzz vs Rumble. The most important thing to consider when you purchase a vibrator, because not all vibrators are made equal. Here's the difference.... Expand article.

Buzzy Vibes vs Rumbly Vibes: What's Best?

Something you may have never noticed is whether the vibe you've been using is buzzy or rumbly. Knowing the difference between the two is a lot more important than you think. The most significant thing you want to consider when selecting any vibe is how well it's going to get you off! Found a vibe that has your favourite shape or colour, yet using it isn't as delicious as its design? It helps you reach orgasm, but sometimes leaves you feeling relatively numb? This is probably because the toy you're using sits on the buzzier side. So, to ensure you choose the perfect vibrator for you, let's identify the difference between the two.

Generally, people prefer rumbly vibes. Why? Because their vibrations go deeper, stimulating not just the clitoris or vagina, but instead manage to incorporate more nerve endings through its sensuous shaking. This is such a pleasurable difference because much of the clitoris is actually internal! Resulting in the body shaking, leg curling raunchy release we know and love as the female orgasm.

Shaking is a great way of identifying the difference. The clitoral stimulation that rumbly vibes provide more of sensuous shake. The rumbly motions is closer to the motion many woman use to pleasure their magic button. Like a circular pressing, two and fro, clitoral flicking motion. If you set a rumbly vibe free on a desk, it's likely to bust out into a sort of breakdance. This is great as many women can find direct stimulation overwhelming and would rather negotiate around the clitoral hood. Whilst on the other hand, or the same hand... That's a good idea actually, get each type of vibrator in either hand and feel the difference for yourself! Buzzy vibes are unlikely to move at all. They're usually just a pleasurable tip that sits on the clitoris and buzzes away like there's no tomorrow. If a vibrator is being used for vaginal penetration, then you might prefer a rumbly sex toy as the vibrations are more likely to spread throughout the entire shaft of the product. Therefore, stimulating more nerve endings within the vaginal walls.

However, not all sex toys will make a noticeable movement that helps you distinguish between the two. Therefore, sound is another factor to identify what sort of vibe you have. This article is really banging on buzzy vibes... Buzzy vibes aren’t bad! Rumbly vibes are just generally better. Anyway, this comparison is going to further hurt the buzzy reputation. Buzzy vibes sound similar to some sort of frisky fly or mosquito... I'm sure these insect metaphors are turning you on like crazy... but at least the sound of that pesky mosquito might remind you to masturbate after you biff your pillow across the room. Rumbly vibes replicate more of a deeper, prouder buzz! Like the billowing chest of a wholesome bumblebee. All raunchy resemblances aside, buzzy vibes are higher pitched, rumbly vibes are lower pitched!

So, you know the difference, but how do you know what type of vibe you're purchasing? Inevitably, this part is going to generalise a bunch of toys. If I had the time to unpackage every vibe in existence, turn it on and label it, I would! Unfortunately, I can't spend all of my time orgasm testing. I have to do other things like go grocery shopping, pay taxes and hopefully get 8 hours of sleep.

Anyway, in an effort to maximise the likelihood of finding a buzzy or rumbly vibe, let's start generalising. Most battery-operated vibes will be buzzy. Why? I'm not sure, but rechargeable vibrators usually have better motors. Bullet vibrators are likely to be buzzy. They are smaller in size and are unlikely to produce that rumbly motion or sound. The size of bullet vibrators emphasises pinpoint pleasure, so naturally they're buzzy. Wand massagers are usually buzzy. Notice again, another vibe with a design that doesn't really allow much movement. Wand massagers are some of the most powerful vibrators around, you'll probably realise that they become buzzier as you up the vibration intensity.

Rechargeable vibrators from Ovo are known to be rumbly. Take the Ovo E6 Rechargeable Rabbit or J2 Rechargeable Rabbit for example. If you watch their product video, you will see the rumbly motion described above. Another go to brand would be We-vibe. A super popular pick being this Jive Vibrating Egg. Love eggs with cords are likely to be rumbly! Let's not go through each brand and single out which specific products are rumbly and what isn't. The most important thing to do is read product descriptions thoroughly, watch product videos to identify the type of movement. If our website doesn't have videos, try a quick Google or YouTube search! Premium vibrator brands have realised that rumbly is better so here's a few brands that are worth checking out: Ovo, We-vibe, Crave, Je Joue and Lelo.


Ensure your sex life is body safe! Using a splash of lubricant with any vibrator can make things a lot more comfortable. Whether using the vibe for clitoral, internal or even perineum stimulation. Skin or tissue in and around our sweet spots is going to be delicate! Using water-based lubricant is recommended as it's a breeze to clean and will not harm or stain fabrics. Wet Stuff Gold is a popular pick!

Always discuss the use of any vibrator before introducing it into the bedroom. Make sure that both partners know exactly what the vibe is used for and how to use it. If there are multiple vibration, pulsation settings or patterns. Identify which ones you like the most and which ones are off limits. Not only does this encourage body safety, but helps unify partners. Especially as sex toys can stir insecurities around sexual performance. Discussion beforehand will make the entire experience more pleasurable, intimate and safe!

See Adulttoymegastore's range of vibrators online, including clitoral vibrators, g-spot vibrators, rabbit vibrators, remote control vibrators and even vibrating panties!

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How to choose a vibrator

Whether you're buying your first vibrator or looking to add a new vibe to your collection, here's what you need to know before you add extra buzz to your sex life.

What are the best vibrators for masturbation?

Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, and although they all vibrate, the difference is where the vibration is heading. For external clitoral stimulation; clitoral vibes, bullet vibes and wand vibrators are the way to go. For internal penetration and stimulation, classic vibrators and G-spot vibrators will hit the right spot, and the all-time favourite rabbit vibrator will stimulate both sweet spots at once!

Which vibrators are best for Couples?

If you're wanting to introduce a vibrator to foreplay or sex with a partner, Couple's Vibrators are the way to go. They come in a range of different shapes, sizes and types, so the best vibrator for couples would be the vibe that fits your purpose the best. Some couple's vibes are designed to be worn during sex to stimulate both parties, such as We-Vibe's couple's vibrators, while other couples vibes are used to stimulate each other's body parts separately during foreplay or sex, such as finger vibrators, anal vibrators, clitoral vibrators and more.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Vibrator

1. The size of your vibrator matters!

First, you need to decide on what size you'd like your vibrator to be. If you're looking for a vibrator to insert vaginally, choose a vibe a maximum of 6-7 inches in length if you're a beginner. The vibrator product description will inform you of the dimensions of the vibe, so make sure you read the description carefully. You also need to make sure the vibe isn't too wide, or girthy, for your body. The girth dimensions will also be included in the product description, and if you're a beginner we recommend choosing a thinner vibe no larger than 4 inches in girth – which is the distance measured around the vibe – or 2 inches in diameter.

2. Choose your vibration speeds and patterns

Most vibes will come with multiple speeds and vibration patterns. Ranging anywhere between 1-10 speeds and 1-7 vibration patterns, although some vibes have a lot more, so make sure you check these functions out in the description before purchasing a vibrator as having variety will keep things exciting. You can choose from app controlled vibrators, remove controlled, or button controlled vibes.

3. Is a noisy vibe going to be an issue?

If you're living in a family home or with flatties, you'll probably want a vibrator that's quiet for discretion. While there's nothing to be embarrassed about when buying or using sex toys, it can still be embarrassing if we get caught in the act! Read the vibrator's reviews and product description, as often these elements will give you an idea of the noise level of the vibrator. If noise is a concern, opt for a vibe that states it is "whisper quiet". Please note that all vibrators will make some noise, even if they are described as whisper quiet.

4. What material should your vibrator be made from?

The material your vibrator is made from is important because it will affect the vibe's quality, life-span, and whether you have any body-sensitives. Silicone is the most popular vibrator material, and is body safe. If you are buying a lesser quality vibe that is of a porous material, such as rubber, we recommend using a condom with it. Read Sex Toy Material Guide to find out more.

5. Do you want a waterproof vibrator?

If you want to be able to take your vibrator into the bath or shower for slippery and sexy fun times, make sure you buy a fully waterproof vibrator. A splash-proof vibrator is not waterproof and shouldn't be submerged underwater.

6. Is a battery operated or rechargeable vibrator best?

Battery powered vibrators are generally cheaper, but tend to be less powerful than electric powered vibrators, as electric powered vibrators are usually designed with stronger motors which use more power. Rechargeable vibrators will always be a better option in terms of convenience, but they are usually more expensive. However, the amount you'll end up spending on batteries will equal more in the long run, so if you can afford to spend a little more, opt for a rechargeable vibrator.