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Add more buzz to your sex life and enhance your orgasms with a Vibrator! A vibrator will tingle, pulsate, and stimulate your intimate areas to lead you to climax faster, harder, and more intensely than ever before.



Add more buzz to your sex life and enhance your orgasms with a Vibrator!

A vibrator will tingle, pulsate, and stimulate your intimate areas to lead you to climax faster, harder, and more intensely than ever before.

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Vibrator Articles
Satisfyer! They weren't kidding when they meant 'The Next Sexual Revolution!'. Expand article.

Amongst all the popular vibrating pleasure devices used in 2018, there has been a newcomer that has proven itself as one of the most satisfying brands in the adult industry, Satisfyer!

The Satisfyer range solidified its place in the adult toy industry by developing the wave of revolutionary clit suction vibrators. Clit-suction toys have quickly becoming the preferred option by many women. They are toys that provide clitoral stimulation through touch-free pressure waves. The advantage this has over traditional toys is that it skips the possibility of clitoral numbing that can sometimes be felt with fingers or other toys. Considering that clit suction toys do not actually touch the user directly, they are also a very hygienic and body safe choice.

Specialising in clit suction toys Satisfyer shines through its flagship toy the Satisfyer Pro 2 Next Generation. This toy is a knock-your-socks-off sorta deal, compared to previous versions this features 11 easy sensual settings to cycle through. To help imagine what the toy feel like, users have compared it to receiving oral sex, where the giver focuses on one area with a sucking motion. Except in this case the focus is going to be even more specific, maximising that feeling that your partner's tongue may only stumble across every now and then.

One customer said "I own a lot of vibrators but this is by far the best. With multiple options for vibration intensity, this toy is definitely designed to suit all users."

Clit suction toys work by creating a vacuum around the clitoris or any other erogenous zone of your choosing and begins gently tugging away. This tugging brings blood to the surface which increases sensitivity and for some can cause vaginal muscle spasms. The clit suction range have been said to get users off in record time, however this will be different for each user. Studies have shown that orgasms that take longer to produce are stronger! So, unless your on your workbreak, speed isn’t always the aim. It's about the journey and the destination!

Satisfyer has plenty of other toys and have recently introduced couples vibrators. This comes in the form of the Multifun 1 and 2. These can be shared in a myriad of ways to greatly enhance the sex life of any relationship. From being used as a cock ring to accompany penetration, to a clitoral vibrator and even a perineum stimulator. Checkout the product images for a few visuals of their potential. The only limit is your imagination! Like most premium vibrators, they’re waterproof. So, incorporate Satisfyer into your shower routine, or light some candles, run a hot bath and let the Multifun take you overboard!

One innovative move by Satisfyer was the introduction of the Satisfyer Pro G-Spot Rabbit. This toy mixes the capabilities of wave pressure stimulation, a g-spot designed shaft all embodied in a rabbit vibrator. The g-spot emphasised design of this toy will produce some seriously powerful orgasms and hopefully will lead to a night of multiple crescendos.

This rabbit serves as an example of what's to come from Satisfyer. Adulttoymegastore already has more from the brand on the way. Expect a new range of couple vibrators that will change the way you view penetration and a bunch of new male specific masturbators and lubricants!


Always discuss the use of a sex toy with your partner before introducing it into the bedroom. If using the Satisfyer range, both partners need to know what the toy is used for and what functions or settings it has. This will not only make for a much more pleasurable experience, but will make the entire process a lot more intimate!

It's recommended to use some water based lubricant when sharing a vibrator to cause any unwanted friction with either partner. DO NOT USE silicone lubricant with any of the Satisfyer range! Using silicone lubricant with a silicone toy will degrade the material!

Customer privacy is at the heart of Adulttoymegastore. Order assured that your vibrator will come in discreet plain packagaing. If you have any further concerns, see our shipping information page or contact customer service!

Trying to choose the perfect vibrator. See Satisfyer's entire range of sex toys here!

Otherwise see Adulttoymegastore's full range of vibrators online, including clitoral, rabbit, g-spot vibrators and if you're feeling especially raunchy, some vibrating panties!

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By 2 days ago
Posted in Sex Toy Guides
There's nothing like some fun facts to put a buzz in your day! Here's some facts about the world's favourite sex toy, vibrators, that you probably didn't know.... Expand article.

12 Facts You Never Knew About Vibrators

Vibrators are the world's most popular sex toy, and for good reason! Many women, men and even couple's swear by vibrators to enhance foreplay and achieve orgasm. Vibrators come in a range of sizes and shapes, so there’s something to suit every body type and need.

Whether you own a vibrator or not, these facts are sure to put a buzz in your day!

1.In America, the market size for vibrators is $1 billion, whereas condoms are only around $450 million. And this was back in 2011!

2.New Zealand has the highest rate of vibrator ownership! According to our 2017 Kiwi Sex Survey, 1 in 3 Kiwis have used or owned a vibrator.

3.The tip of your nose is just as sensitive as your vagina. That's why experts say to test it on your nose first if you want to know what it will feel like.

4.Apparently Cleopatara had a vibrator way back in the day. Historical rumours suggest that she had a gourb filled with bees that provided an oddly nice buzzing sensation.

5.In Texas it's illegal to sell vibrators, or to own more than six. Clearly they haven't seen all the different types of vibrators that are available…

6.When vibrators were first created in Japan, it was illegal to create products that were phallic-shaped. So instead, they used cute animal designs to bypass these laws, and thus the infamous rabbit vibe was invented!

7.Vibrators can enhance your singing voice. Yes, you read that right! The Vibrant Voice Technique focuses on using vibrators against the vocal cords to enhance vocal resonance.

8.There are triple-ended vibrators that stimulate the clitoris, G-spot and anus. All at the same time. Don't believe me? Check it out here and here!

9.The most expensive vibrator was created using white gold and is adorned with 117 diamonds. It retails for a massive $55,000! Christmas wish list, anyone?

10.The original creators of the Wand Vibrator wanted nothing to do with the fact that their innocent massager was being used as a personal massager. Well, females around the globe were using it for the wrong reason, but still! Now wand vibes are celebrated for their powerful stimulation and are sold by many brands.

11.When Target started selling Fifty Shades branded sex toys, they controversially had the toys right next to the children's toothbrushes.

12.Vibrator kits allow you to completely customise your favourite vibe. With different attachment heads and accessories included, these are great if you’re not sure where to start out! Check them out here!


If you're looking to purchase your very own vibrator, Adulttoymegastore has a range of sex toys for every occasion! Check out our full range of vibrators, dildos and cock rings! With all packages shipped in discreet, plain packaging for ultimate discretion, Adulttoymegastore has you covered.

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By 6 days ago
Posted in Sex Toy Guides
How sharing a vibrator can better your sexual performance and make you a lot more comfortable with eachother!. Expand article.

If you're currently in a relationship that shares sex toys, don't take it for granted! It's 2018 but unfortunately there are plenty of couples out there that are hesitant to include pleasurable additions to their sex life, the most common extra being a vibrator. This is usually because of one partner's objection to include a vibrator, either it makes them feel uncomfortable, replaced or worried. Understandably, it's mostly guys in heterosexual relationships, however, every so often this refers to women. This especially occurs when one partner has been using a vibrator in past relationships and the other one hasn't.

Before we go further it's important to understand that being uncomfortable with different sex acts is completely fine. It's negative for one partner to put themselves on a sexually progressive pedestal, because they are into something that the other isn't. However, if your sex life is a highly valued part of your relationship, then it is important to do your best to understand and accommodate for your partner's needs. The reason it's important is because most fears surrounding the inclusion of a vibrator are actually misconceptions that can be worked through. For an in-depth walkthrough read - '2 Concepts to Understand Before Introducing Adult Toys Into A Relationship.'

This article aims to encourage people to share a vibrator and recognise the benefits it provides. Even for couples who do share sex toys, you may not actually realise how beneficial they are or how good they can be. Simply, because you’ve never talked about it or you’ve never seen the benefits in writing.

Recognising in what ways a vibrator is better than you

Please realise that this is not saying that the vibrator is better than you overall! A powerful vibrator is not better than you, as it is a device. It cannot speak, caress, create chemistry, build passion during foreplay, penetrate (vibrator dependant). The list goes on and on and on. However, the ways in which a vibrator is better than you are likely to be, clitoral stimulation and g-spot stimulation. Why? Because they are more powerful and consistent compared to a human being. If they weren't, there wouldn't be much point in them.

Let's say you are with a partner that requires a lot of clitoral stimulation to orgasm. Therefore, any partner, no matter if the references on your sexual resume claims you are the head conductor of the clitoral orchestra, you may simply be unable to get your partner to orgasm or just not as consistently as you'd like. This can cause feelings of shame around sexual performance, as providing orgasms has become closely attached to the male ego. What would be a tragedy in this sort of relationship, would be the rejection of a clitoral vibrator! Because it is necessary to use this toy to help your partner be sexually satisfied.

Acknowledging this isn't only going to up the amount of orgasms in your relationship, it's also going to help both partners feel a lot more comfortable. She's not becoming distracted and frustrated that an orgasm is not happening, this mental block alone can be the reason why she isn't getting there! Being free of this and not having to worry about it is a really positive difference. On the other hand, he doesn't have to worry about providing an orgasm and therefore doesn't have to measure his sexual performance by this. However, this does not mean that one should become complacent or not do certain sex acts anymore. Still focus on giving as much pleasure as you can, but leave the expectation of an orgasm behind and just enjoy the moment.

Figuring out what she actually likes!

The female orgasm has been emphasised a lot in the bedroom. This has been one of the most positive turns of the 21st century, because it wasn't always like this! It has become a man's duty to bring the orgasm to the fore. The other positive is that it has encouraged communication around bettering sexual performance. Where partners now ask what they like or what they could do better next time. This video from Key & Peele says it all!

However, many partners find it hard to express what they like, again this can be frustrating for both of you. Common responses are "I like everything you're doing, I just couldn't get out of my head," "I'm not sure how to describe what feels good." These sorts of responses could be a mixture between the truth, not wanting to talk about it (just wants cuddles right now), or saving your ego. Saving your ego sits in a weird spot, because she's debating between being considerate and providing constructive criticism.

Basically, if you use a vibrator partner on your partner, then you've got an opportunity to figure out what motions do the trick. First off you need to figure what the vibrator is doing. Is it pulsating, is it clit sucking, is it a certain pattern, is it a certain vibration intensity and does this change over time? Taking note of how their body is reacting to certain motions can improve your skills a lot! Finally, don't expect an immediate change, practice makes perfect. So, take note when you can, but don't over analyse sex either, enjoy the journey!

Trying to choose the perfect vibrator. Checkout Adulttoymegastore's range of vibrators online, including rabbit vibrators, g-spot vibrators, remote control vibrators, even vibrating panties!

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By 8 days ago
How to choose a vibrator
Whether you're buying your first vibrator or looking to add a new vibe to your collection, here's what you need to know before you add extra buzz to your sex life.

What are the best vibrators for masturbation?
Vibrators come in all shapes and sizes, and although they all vibrate, the difference is where the vibration is heading. For external clitoral stimulation; clitoral vibes, bullet vibes and wand vibrators are the way to go. For internal penetration and stimulation, classic vibrators and G-spot vibrators will hit the right spot, and the all-time favourite rabbit vibrator will stimulate both sweet spots at once!

Which vibrators are best for Couples?
If you're wanting to introduce a vibrator to foreplay or sex with a partner, Couple's Vibrators are the way to go. They come in a range of different shapes, sizes and types, so the best vibrator for couples would be the vibe that fits your purpose the best. Some couple's vibes are designed to be worn during sex to stimulate both parties, such as We-Vibe's couple's vibrators, while other couples vibes are used to stimulate each other's body parts separately during foreplay or sex, such as finger vibrators, anal vibrators, clitoral vibrators and more.

Tips for Choosing the Perfect Vibrator
1. The size of your vibrator matters!

First, you need to decide on what size you'd like your vibrator to be. If you're looking for a vibrator to insert vaginally, choose a vibe a maximum of 6-7 inches in length if you're a beginner. The vibrator product description will inform you of the dimensions of the vibe, so make sure you read the description carefully. You also need to make sure the vibe isn't too wide, or girthy, for your body. The girth dimensions will also be included in the product description, and if you're a beginner we recommend choosing a thinner vibe no larger than 4 inches in girth – which is the distance measured around the vibe – or 2 inches in diameter.

2. Choose your vibration speeds and patterns

Most vibes will come with multiple speeds and vibration patterns. Ranging anywhere between 1-10 speeds and 1-7 vibration patterns, although some vibes have a lot more, so make sure you check these functions out in the description before purchasing a vibrator as having variety will keep things exciting. You can choose from app controlled vibrators, remove controlled, or button controlled vibes.

3. Is a noisy vibe going to be an issue?

If you're living in a family home or with flatties, you'll probably want a vibrator that's quiet for discretion. While there's nothing to be embarrassed about when buying or using sex toys, it can still be embarrassing if we get caught in the act! Read the vibrator's reviews and product description, as often these elements will give you an idea of the noise level of the vibrator. If noise is a concern, opt for a vibe that states it is "whisper quiet". Please note that all vibrators will make some noise, even if they are described as whisper quiet.

4. What material should your vibrator be made from?

The material your vibrator is made from is important because it will affect the vibe's quality, life-span, and whether you have any body-sensitives. Silicone is the most popular vibrator material, and is body safe. If you are buying a lesser quality vibe that is of a porous material, such as rubber, we recommend using a condom with it. Read Sex Toy Material Guide to find out more.

5. Do you want a waterproof vibrator?

If you want to be able to take your vibrator into the bath or shower for slippery and sexy fun times, make sure you buy a fully waterproof vibrator. A splash-proof vibrator is not waterproof and shouldn't be submerged underwater.

6. Is a battery operated or rechargeable vibrator best?

Battery powered vibrators are generally cheaper, but tend to be less powerful than electric powered vibrators, as electric powered vibrators are usually designed with stronger motors which use more power. Rechargeable vibrators will always be a better option in terms of convenience, but they are usually more expensive. However, the amount you'll end up spending on batteries will equal more in the long run, so if you can afford to spend a little more, opt for a rechargeable vibrator.