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If the sound of exploring your pleasure zones and reaching new levels of ecstacy excite you then look no further for your sexual gratification than our range of sex toys that are the best in the market.

Sex ToysSex Toys

Sex Toys

Make good sex, great, with sex toys!

Tease, excite and explore your pleasure zones and reach new levels of ecstasy, arousal and sexual gratification with the best range of sex toys on the market.

Make good sex,

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Bullet Vibrator
73% Off
PDX Fill Her Up Masturbator
61% Off
30% Off
3 Colours
74% Off
Finger Vibrator
54% Off
Basix 6 Inch Suction Cup Dildo
2 Colours
27% Off
Duo Balls Silver Plastic Boxed
13% Off
Amore Silicone Cock Ring
37% Off
Neon Luv Touch GSpot Vibrator
3 Colours
22% Off
Micro Butterfly Stimulator
2 Colours
56% Off
Trinity Silicone Cock Rings
2 Colours
53% Off
Pussy Pump

Pussy Pump

rating 4.5
4.6 (12)
26% Off
Womanizer Pro 40 Clitorial Vibrator
2 Colours
56% Off
Satisfyer 1 Next Generation
33% Off
Uberlube Luxury Lubricant 50ml
31% Off
Satisfyer  Pro GSpot Rabbit
34% Off
Neon Vibrating Cockring
6 Colours
28% Off
Vibrating Cock Ring
34% Off
The Screaming O Vibrating Ring
39% Off
Icicles Glass Butt Plug No 44
27% Off
Pink Lady Stamina Training Unit
35% Off
Satisfyer 2
34% Off
43% Off
Neon Luv Touch GSpot Vibrator
3 Colours
22% Off
Le Rve 3 Speed Vibrating Bunny
2 Colours
53% Off
2 Colours
54% Off
SwingO Sling
19% Off
Butt Plug

Butt Plug

rating 4.0
4.0 (1)
2 Colours
35% Off
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Sex toy Articles
Get a head start for Valentine's Day with these gift ideas that are sure to please!. Expand article.

10 Sexy Gift Ideas for Her on Valentine's Day

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, you might be having a hard time coming up with the perfect sexy gift for the lady in your life. Whether roses or chocolates are her poison, something a little sexier will be sure to have her heart racing!

If you're not sure where to start or what she’ll like, here's some ideas that she's sure to love…


The number one thing people associate with Valentine's Day is chocolate, but why not switch things up a little this year? The Dona Body Paint is the perfect sensual gift for the chocolate lover in your life.

Or if you're after something even sweeter, try out the System JO Lubricant in Chocolate Delight! This delicious water-based formula is silky smooth and body safe, with no artificial sweeteners or aftertaste!


Why not tie your lover up this Valentine's? The Pink Fur Lined Handcuffs are the perfect introduction to bondage, with a soft fur lining for longer use.

Or if you're wanting to really step things up a notch, the Fetish Fantasy Pink Passion Bondage Kit is the ultimate beginners kit! Complete with wrist and ankle cuffs, four adjustable nylon tethers, a ball gag and satin love mask, this set provides hours of fun.


Sex toys can make a world of difference in the bedroom, so why not give the gift of orgasm this Valentine's? The Silicone Classic Clit Stimulation has seven different functions, super-soft silicone, and an incredibly realistic shaft to ensure ultimate satisfaction!

The Neon Slim Dildo is another best seller, with a super-strong suction cup that sticks to almost any surface.

Maybe you want to spice things up in the bedroom, or you are your partner are long distance – whatever the reason, sex toys are always a good idea in the bedroom!

Couple's Toy

Alternatively, get something that is perfectly designed with couple's in mind! The Vibrating Cock Ring is made from high quality silicone and is designed to fit snug, with the vibrations targeting the clitoris perfectly during sex.

For a more high tech toy, the Satisfyer Partner Multifun is a total all-rounder! This toy is flexible, with 10 varied vibration patterns and a unique design for ultimate satisfaction.


Sweeten up your sex life with the Strawberry Glyde Condoms! These condoms are vegan and manufactured from the highest natural latex, with a delicious strawberry colour and flavour perfect for Valentine's!

If you're looking for a silly, yet totally practical and usable, gift, then look no further! The Clone A Willy kit is guaranteed to be a winner! We'll let the video speak for itself…

Roses are red

Keep the girl in your life happy this Valentine's!

Adulttoymegastore has a huge variety of sex toys including vibrators, cock rings and dildos! With fast shipping, price guarantee, and completely discreet packaging, ATMS is your one stop shop for everything adult toy related!

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By yesterday
Posted in Sex Toy Guides
Sex Toys
Are Victoria women the most promiscuous in Australia? Read on to find out! . Expand article.

Promiscuity has an ambiguous history. The connotations surrounding promiscuity have constantly changed over time. We've experienced a greater acceptance towards promiscuity, mixed with the negative development of slut shaming. We've developed harsher attitudes towards adultery but have also begun to acknowledge that long term relationships may be against human nature. Lastly, with all the fun being had, information around sexual health has burst forth like your libido upon meeting someone new. The constant theme as time has continued is that men and women are enjoying casual sex more than ever! People are embracing their natural sex drives in the comfort that society won't label them with negative attributes.

Apparently, the women leading the way in Australia wide arousal is Victorian women, averaging ten lovers. Ten lovers! Did you expect more or less? The number isn't really what's important, as there's various reasons why we have varying amounts of sexual partners. Differing libidos, greater focus on our careers even a preference of sleep. Whatever the case, being comfortable with wherever you sit on the sexual spectrum is what today is all about. Another wonderful aspect around embracing your sex drive is using sex toys. These are great for keeping satisfied when nobody else is around or you aren't looking for anything too emotional/physical at the moment. There also great toys for couples when wanting to bridge the gap in vastly different libidos. Whenever one partner isn't in the mood, sex toys can keep everyone happy! Therefore, without further ado, here's a selection of adult toys to help your sex life thrive!

Rabbit Vibrators

This Original Butterfly Kiss G-Spot Vibrator is a popular choice for vibrating beginners. Featuring 3 speeds of vibrating intensity and a tip shaped for g-spot stimulation. This vibe may feel a bit powerful for a first-time user at first. Explore what vibration intensity you prefer and you'll be flying away in no time! Another option is this E6 Rechargeable Vibrator from Ovo. Featuring a motor at each pleasure point the user is guaranteed to be taken overboard.

When reviewing the E6 one customer said: "Came well packaged and at first touch thought it wouldn't be strong enough but O WOW!!! After running through the multiple settings for each end of the device, it made my eyes roll back more than once!! Explored ALL the possible combinations of the vibrating points and loved them all!!!"

Clitoral Suction Vibrators

These innovative vibes have been around for a while and if you don't know what they are then you are seriously missing out! These vibes have become the recommended choice by many. Why? Because they provide contactless pleasure through pressure waves. Compared to traditional clitoral stimulators that need to touch the clitoris or surrounding area, suction vibes are placed over the clitoris to engorge it in pleasure. Two vibrators leading the way in suction pleasure is the Satisfyer Pro 1 Next Generation and Womanizer Pro 40. These vibes have been described as providing orgasms from another dimension, like oral sex but more intense!

Bullet Vibrators

Bullet vibrators are preferred for a number of reasons. Their size means you can take them anywhere your handbag goes, allowing your pleasure to go mobile! However, don’t let their size represent the power they provide, these toys prove good things come in small packages! Try this basic Bullet Vibrator from Amore by Atms or White Chrome Vibrating Bullet from Ovo.

Wand Vibrators

Wand vibrators, these things can get seriously powerful. For those that struggle to reach orgasm, look no further! I'm not talking about the standard wave of pleasure that moves through your body either. I'm talking about the body writhing, moaning while falling off the peak of Mount Orgasm sort of feeling. Bodywand Massagers are Adulttoymegastore's most popular wand. Choose between this Bodywand Rechargeable Massager or Original Massager. The difference being that the rechargeable massager can be used wirelessly. This may come in handy when wanting to use the wand in a spot away from an outlet, it also ensures that no annoying wires will get tangled amongst your duvet.

"There isn't a girl I know who doesn't rave about having a wand. This one is pretty darn good. It can get a bit hot on the handle but it gets some pretty hard use in my house. Plenty of cable to plug it in so you don't need to sit right next to an outlet. The rotating speed control is easy to use. It can make you a tad numb if you use it full bore all the time, so I would recommend to start it out on low and build up to an earth-shattering orgasm...."


Whenever sharing a sex toy with a partner, be sure to discuss what it is used for and how it is used. Remember to explain any additional features or functions worth explaining, mentioning which ones you prefer!

Keep things body safe! A splash of lubricant is necessary with many vibrators. Using lubricant will greatly increase how comfortable you feel and will put a stop to any random skin irritations. Water based lubricant is recommended as it's so easy to clean up! Silicone lubricant is not suitable with many vibrators as silicone lubricant degrades silicone toys!

Adulttoymegastore emphasises fast discreet delivery! To ensure customer privacy, all online adult product orders are shipped in plain packaging. For any queries about Adulttoymegastore's delivery process, read our shipping information page. For any questions about our adult shop in general, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team.

See Adulttoymegastore's range of sex toys online, including vibrators, dildos, anal toys and cock rings at a price guarantee.

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Sex Toys
There's no reason to feel embarrassed buying a new sex toy! Here's 5 reasons to ease your mind.. Expand article.

5 Reasons You Shouldn't be Embarrassed Buying Sex Toys

Buying sex toys can seem like an incredibly daunting task, especially given the unfortunate stigma and misunderstandings associated with them. You might feel awkward or embarrassed opening up your incognito tab, or taking that first step into a store, but there's no reason to!

Having sex is a natural human instinct, and what's the harm in trying to make it feel even better? Here's 5 reasons you shouldn't be embarrassed buying sex toys!

Everyone's Doing It

Sure, maybe not everyone has sex toys, but everyone's having sex! Plus, you'd be surprised how many people actually own sex toys that you might not have suspected would. If you're not convinced, then let these facts set the record straight: according to our Kiwi Sex Survey, 81% of Kiwis have used a sex toy at some point! Trust us, you're not alone.

Want to know what the most popular sex toys people are using are? The PDX Fill Her Up Masturbator and Basix 6 Inch Dildo are both popular best sellers!

It Feels Great

If anyone's judging you for using or buying sex toys, then they have clearly never tried one out themselves! Common misconceptions associated with sex toys are that you are using them because you are unsatisfied or there's something lacking in your sex life, but this is totally untrue! Sex toys simply help make a good thing, great, so where's the harm in that?

Many studies have shown that masturbation can help to improve your mental health as well, helping with symptoms associated with anxiety and depression. Enjoying a healthy and pleasurable sex life is nothing to be ashamed of!

You might help start a conversation

Maybe your confidence in buying yourself that shiny new vibrator will encourage others to be more open-minded? Help break the stigma by showing people that it's okay to buy sex toys!

If you have friends who are a little curious, but have no idea where to start, why not recommend a beginner-friendly toy like the Bullet Vibrator or Mega Stretch Doughnut Ring? These are discreet and not too intimidating, so are great for those starting out!


Using sex toys can help you determine what you enjoy during sex, which makes it so much easier when it comes to communicating this to a partner. If you don't know what you like, then how is a sexual partner supposed to know?!

Often people can become frustrated and upset if they don't know what their partners want, and it can put a lot of stress on a relationship of any kind if you can't get each other off. A bit of self-exploration can really turn the tables around!

You should never be embarrassed using sex toys, because at the end of the day, if it makes things easier when you're with someone, it's a win-win! Let toys better your communication during sex to keep everyone happy and satisfied.

Shopping online is discreet & easy

If your package arrives in totally ordinary, non-suspecting packaging, then there's no reason to be embarrassed at all! Your parents, flatmates, parents-in-law, grandma... no one will know a thing! Adulttoymegastore is dedicated to ensuring all packages are as discreet as possible, with plain packaging, zero logos, and no clues as to where your package came from.

If you're worried about the mailman never making eye contact with you again, then ATMS is your one-stop shop for everything sex toy related! Shop now for a variety of vibrators, dildos, and sex toys.

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By 5 days ago
Posted in Sex Toy Guides
Sex Toys
Sex Toy Videos

How to choose a sex toy

Sex toys can add more fun, excitement and fulfillment to your sex life, when using them during masturbation, foreplay or sex with a partner. Many people buy sex toys is to spice up self-love sessions, enhance foreplay, increase their libido, prolong sex, add excitement to sex or increase intimacy in a relationship, to aid sexual health, experiment with different sensations, and to open up the parameters of their sexual experiences and enjoyment. That's only a few of the many key reasons why sex toys are positive tools to use in your sex life!

Sex toys come in all shapes and sizes, and although they're all designed to enhance sexual pleasure, how that happens is completely up to you. Choose what body part you want to tease, please and excite, then choose the sex aid that will get the job done the best. Most sex toys are made from body-safe silicone, ABS plastic, glass, TPE rubber, and metal, and many have added vibrations and textures. Sex toys can be inserted into, or rubbed against, erogenous body parts for sexual pleasure and experimentation.

What are the best sex toys for women?

No woman's sex toy collection is complete without a vibrator, which should probably be the first toy you buy, but why stop there when there are so many other great sex toys for women that should be included in your wish list! From Dildos and G-spot sex toys to Ben Wa Balls and Pussy Pumps, there's something to tickle every woman's fancy… literally.

For clitoral stimulation we recommend Clitoral Vibrators or Bullet Vibrators. For internal vaginal or G-spot stimulation try a dildo, a classic vibrator, or a G-spot sex toy. For clitoral and vaginal stimulation at the same time, try a Rabbit Vibe.

To find out more about the most popular women's sex toys, read our Beginner's Guide to Sex Toys for Women.

What are the best sex toys for men?

For men looking to enhance their masturbation sessions, male masturbator sex toys should be your first choice. Male masturbators, also known as strokers, use flesh-like materials that feel just like a vagina, mouth or anus.

For male sex toys to enhance sex, cock rings, cock sleeves, penis extensions, penis pumps, p-spot anal toys, and anal vibrators are popular options. Check out our Beginner's Guide to Sex Toys for Men to find out more.

What are the best sex toys for couples?

Couples' sex toys include any sex aids you can use with a partner, which covers almost all sex toys, but some adult products are designed more specifically for coupled use. The best sex toys for couples are toys that tick all the right boxes for both you and your partner's sexual preferences, and what you're comfortable with trying in the bedroom. If you're wanting to explore your partner on a more intimate level by introducing sex toys to foreplay or sex, try cock rings, sex furniture, sex kits, couples vibrators or couples anal toys.

To find out more about the most popular couples' sex toys and what their intended purposes are, read our Beginner's Guide to Couples' Sex Toys.

Are you ready to buy a sex toy? Shop our range now!