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Protect your sexual health and stay safe with our exclusive range of condoms.

We've got you covered with sizes, textures and flavours to enhance sex while preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.



Stay safe and protect your sexual health with Condoms.

Condoms come in all different sizes, textures and flavours to enhance sex while preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool!


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Condom Articles
Still confused about when you should actually be using condoms? Worried about catching STIs? Here's some vital info for everyone who's sexually active!. Expand article.

Oral and Anal Sex: When should you be using condoms?

No matter your relationship with condoms, we can all agree that they provide an easy and effective way to prevent pregnancy and protect against STIs (sexually transmitted infections). As casual sex and one night stands become more accepted in society, unplanned pregnancy and common STIs, such as genital warts and chlamydia, have also become more of a hot topic.

Condoms are a great form of contraception as they come in a variety of sizes, styles and materials, so there's something out there for everyone.

But when should you be using them?

If you're in a long-term relationship, you might decide to ditch the condoms altogether - but generally speaking, in most other circumstances you'll probably be better off putting one on anyway. Remember, there's typically no way to tell that someone has a STI just by looking at them. Better safe than sorry, right?


If you're having casual sex, condoms should always be on the cards every time you have sex. Remember that condoms are for one-time use only, so make sure you have a few on you at all times, just in case! It's also good to know what size condom you require, or what size your partner/s need. Condom brand My Size has a range of sizes available!

Anal sex

Our 2017 Kiwi Sex Survey revealed that one in three Kiwis have had anal sex, so it's important to talk about the sexual health around it all!

While we all know you can't get pregnant from anal, what most people don't think about is that there is still a risk of pregnancy if semen comes in contact with the skin between the anus and vagina. According to Everyday Health, approximately 8 percent of people who use no birth control during anal sex become pregnant, so this is definitely something to keep in mind!

Oral sex

You might not have considered using condoms during oral sex, either. Most STIs are spread through bodily fluids, so you are definitely at risk if something comes in contact with your mouth.

Don't worry if you're not a fan of the taste of latex, either! There are plenty of flavoured options out there, including the Glyde range. Glyde offers condoms in a variety of flavours including strawberry and vanilla, plus they also offer Dams. Dental dams are designed specifically for oral sex - they are thin sheets of latex that are placed over the vulva of the person receiving oral sex, to prevent direct skin-to-skin contact or contact with fluids. Plus, they can be used for rim jobs (mouth-to-anus contact).

Sex toys

Yup, even when using toys, you should consider slipping one on! Sharing sex toys can be a major hygiene no-no - just think of all the bacteria and nasties… If you're sharing toys with a partner, they should always be washed thoroughly between users, preferably with hot water and an anti-bacterial cleaner.

Alternatively, if you're using a vibrator or a dildo and want to share the love, popping a condom on is a great idea to avoid sharing bodily fluids and STIs! This is also great if you are not sure of the material of your sex toy, as a condom can help make sure everything is body-safe and good to go.

But just as not all lubricants work with sex toys, not all lubricants are compatible with condoms. We know, we know - why can't they all just get along?! Stick with water-based lubricants such as Wet Stuff or Liquid Sex - avoid silicone and oil-based lubricants as some ingredienta in these can often cause your condom to break!

Other things to consider

Condoms can expire, so if you've had a box lying around for years, make sure you check the expiry date!

If you're sexually active, it's vital to ensure you are tested regularly for STIs, especially if you are having sex with new partners. Regular check-ups will keep your mind at ease and ensure that if you do catch anything, it can be dealt with early on. While you might trust your casual partners, often times STIs can have absolutely no symptoms - so while they might not think they have anything, it's definitely plausible!

If you're not sure where to start or are worried about anything relating to condoms, STIs, or pregnancy, your local family planning or health service will be able to give you specific advice for your situation.

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By 12 days ago
Posted in Sexual Health
An introduction to everything condoms, everything flavoured and everything yummy! . Expand article.

Begginers Guide to Flavoured Condoms

Condoms offer one of the most effective forms of contraception against unplanned pregnancy. However, what most people don’t know is how effective they are in increasing your sexual health!

They offer protection against stis (sexually transmitted infections (stis) such as genital warts. They also offer a great overall increase to your health service with minimal side effects.

Things to watch out for

Rubbers offer the best protection in preventing pregnancy and but that doesn't mean they are 100% full proof. There are a number of quick things you can remember to help keep that number as close as possible to 100. The first being to always check the expiry date, this will dramatically decrease the risk of the condom breaking.

Now that we’re discussed all the family planning aspects of protection, let's talk about the fun stuff! Everyone loves fruit and flavours, which is precisely why everyone would love flavoured condoms.

Does the thought of adding a strawberry burst to entering the vagina sound enjoyable? We know that the majority sure think so!

Let’s have a look at some popular condom flavours:

Blueberry Flavoured

Blueberry is a crowd favorite when it comes to flavours. So it was only a matter of time before someone invented blueberry rubbers! Glyde’s blueberry comes pre lubricated in a pack of 10. So you can use them multiple times you have sex. These latex condoms are ideal for anyone who’s a blueberry connoisseur.

Strawberry Flavoured

Everyone loves strawberry, the most popular flavour for rubbers. Glyde’s strawberry will work with any water based lubricant and oil based lubricant. The strawberry flavour makes for the perfect male condom.

Cola Flavoured

If you love the taste of coca cola, why stop at just the drink? Glyde’s cola will add extra deliciousness to your erect stiff penis. After all, cola does cum from nuts! Not to mention that these flavours are completely vegan and guilt free!

Vanilla Flavoured

Sometimes simplicity is everything!! Gylde’s vanilla may not be the most exotic of flavours but it's one we all love. The reviews speak for themselves:

“Legit, so lite and they task good. Generally my favourite condom”-HolzNZ’s review of Glyde Vanilla

Wildberry Flavoured

You might already be wild in the sheets but now you can also be wild with the treats! Glyde’s Wildberry flavour is a blend of unique berries in lubricated bliss. Glyde’s “double dipping” manufacturing process makes Glyde condoms thicker and stronger while maintaining a thin feeling.

When in Doubt

If you’re having trouble picking a flavour, then you could always just opt in for well… All of the above! This LifeStyles party mix comes packed with 12 different flavoured condoms including mint, chocolate, menthol, fruity, berry and many more! All flavours are lubricated and some even include unique ribbed and dotted textures.

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By 2 months ago
Posted in Sex Toy Guides
You may have had it drilled into you from a young age to "always use condoms", which is great! But when could it be appropriate to stop using condoms in a relationship?. Expand article.

Understanding Fluid Bonding and When Should you Stop Using Condoms

Condoms are the most widely acknowledged form of contraception, given their protection against pregnancy and STIs (sexually transmitted infections). When used correctly, condoms have a 98% success rate. While there are many other oral and hormonal forms of contraception available, condoms are ideal as they are easy to obtain, relatively cheap, easy to use, have no side effects (unless you have a rubber allergy) and are now available in both male and female varieties.

'Fluid bonding' is the term given to couple's who decide to stop using condoms, given bodily fluids are shared without the protective variety. Many believe this creates a stronger level of intimacy within a relationship, or some people simply prefer sex without condoms.

No matter your situation, if you're considering abandoning the condom, it's important to consider all of the risks involved!

Why you might not want to ditch them

Condoms are the only form of contraception that help protect against STIs. If you or your partner have not been tested, then you should definitely still be using condoms until you have received your test results back.

If there are no other contraception methods available that will work for your relationship, then condoms may be the way to go. Many hormonal contraceptives an have side effects, so some people might find they simply aren't practical!

If your relationship is not exclusive (meaning that you or your partner may engage sexually with someone else), condoms are essential. Unless you can commit to very regular STI checks after every new partner, it's not worth the risk.

If your partner is pressuring you into ditchigng the condom, then it's definitely not the right time for your relationship. It's important to ensure this is something that you both want!

When it's ok to stop using them

There are many situations where it may be appropriate to stop using condoms. If you are in a committed relationship, fully trust your partner, and are exclusive, these are good starting points for putting the condoms back on the shelf.

Communication is key. It's vital that you know your partner's sexual history, communicate regularly, and are open and honest about everything. You will have gotten STI checks together as well, even if your partner had one recently.

Unless you are trying to conceive, it's important to have an alternative contraceptive method planned out if you want to stop using condoms. Whether you opt for the pill, IUD, or injection, you should test one of these options a month or two beforehand to ensure they are going to work successfully.

Fluid bonding can mean a lot to some people, and not much for others. It's important to understand how your partner feels about this and what it means to them, to avoid any hurt feelings or misunderstandings!

What condoms to use if it's not time stop

If you've decided that it's better to stay safe and stick with the condoms, then there's absolutely no need to let them get in the way of your intimate times!

The Four Seasons Naked and Durex Thin condoms are specifically created for greater sensitivity to make it feel as though you're not wearing anything at all!

If you are worried that condoms are reducing sensations during sex, then these are a great option for ultimate pleasure! The video below gives a great overview of condoms and how to use them effectively, to ensure you're not going through the extra trouble for nothing!

Should I stay or should I go?

Before you make any decisions on whether the condoms should stay or go, be open and honest with your partner, assess the risks and make an informed decision whether fluid sharing is right for you! Safe sex is always the best sex!

Adulttoymegastore sells a wide variety of condoms with a range of flavours and sensations! With all orders shipped in discreet, plain packaging, we've got all your adult toy needs covered!

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By 2 months ago
Posted in Sexual Health

Why should I buy condoms?

A condom is birth and STD control aid designed to be put over a man's penis before sex so semen and bodily fluids are not transferred between partners. A condom is a tight fitting sheath with a reservoir end which is most commonly made of thin, natural latex rubber, designed to cover the erect penis during sexual acts and vaginal or anal intercourse.

The purpose of condoms is to prevent contact with semen and vaginal fluids by limiting skin-to-skin contact in order to avoid pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted infections or diseases. Condoms are wrapped individually in a sealed foil packet, and shouldn't be used if the seal is torn or broken, or if the condom has expired.

Not everyone likes the sensation of wearing a condom and many people think it decreases the sensitivity and enjoyment of sex, but you can get ultra-thin condoms, as well as ribbed and textured condoms, which enhance sexual pleasure. Think of a condom as a contraceptive raincoat made from rubber latex, keeping you safe and protected from sexually transmitted diseases to make sex safe.

The benefits of wearing a condom far outweigh the negative. A condom is a form of birth control to prevent pregnancy and unplanned parenthood. It's like a suit of armor for your penis, and will shield you from pregnancy or sexual infections. That's why you should buy and use condoms to ensure you're keeping safe. Wear a condom each and every time you have sex - especially with a new sexual partner. Condoms should only be used once, and disposed of immediately after use.

What kinds of condoms are there?

We stock a huge range of condoms from leading condom brands including Durex, Ansell, My Size, Glyde, Trojan, and more. Condom types include classic condoms, ultra-thin condoms, condoms with added sensations such as ribs and bumps for enhanced pleasure, flavoured condoms to please the taste buds during oral sex, and different sized condoms to fit a man's unique penis perfectly, which means there's no excuse for having sex without a condom. Latex-free condoms and vegan condoms are also available.

What should I do if regular-sized condoms don't fit?

If normal size condoms are too big or too small to fit on your penis and stay on securely during sex, you should buy condoms that are sized differently to a regular fit. We recommend My.Size Condoms, as My.Size manufactures condoms in seven different sizes, which you select depending on the circumference of your penis. This ensures you will get the perfect fit, which will help to put your mind at ease and focus on the fun and intimate task at hand.

Read the My.Size Condom Size Chart to find your perfect size condom.

Is it safe to use lubricant with condoms?

Most lubricants are safe to use with condoms, with the exception of oil-based or petroleum jelly based lubricants, which can weaken the latex of the condom and could cause the condom to tear. Water-based lubricant is always safe to use with condoms, and if you're ever unsure whether or not a lubricant is safe to use with your chosen condoms, always read the ingredients before use.