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Protect your sexual health and stay safe with our exclusive range of condoms.

We've got you covered with sizes, textures and flavours to enhance sex while preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections.



Stay safe and protect your sexual health with Condoms.

Condoms come in all different sizes, textures and flavours to enhance sex while preventing pregnancy or sexually transmitted infections. Don’t be a fool, wrap your tool!


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Condom Articles
Curious about what we're doing in the bedroom?. Expand article.

SKYN, the worldwide condom company, have released their 2019 Intimacy Survey and revealed some interesting results.2,000 people across Canada and the US were asked about their sexual habits and opinions. 50% of the respondents were from Gen Z (aged 18-22) and the other half were Millennials (aged 23-38). So, let’s get into the good stuff and see what they were saying!

How Intimate Are We?

Across both Millennials and Gen Z people are handing in their V-cards at the age of 18 and average getting jiggy with it around 9 times per month.When averaging out how many partners we have and how often we get the job done ourselves, SKYN found the average number of sexual partners to be 12 and the average number of ‘self-love sessions’ to be coming in at 3 times a week!Millennials and Gen Z are also in it for the long haul – they’re averaging an impressive 28 minutes per sex session!

Doing it Doggy

A massive 57% of people prefer doggystyle as a sex position. Missionary comes second at 46%, and 30% of respondents cited cowgirl as being their favourite way to get off.

Sex Toys

When it comes to sex toys vibrators are leading the way. 44% of respondents have used a vibrator during sex and/or masturbation! Dildos, however, have only been used by 27% of people!As it turns out, a quarter of the population are getting kinky and using handcuffs in the bedroom. I just hope they all know where they left the keys.We’re making the most of social media and the rise of instant messaging too! 50% of people are shooting their shot and sliding into DMs to sext, and 37% of people are doing it like Ray J and Kim K and making movies.Millennials are less attached to their social media than Gen Z, but not by much. Only 55% of Gen Z-ers would give up their social media for sex, with 67% of Millennials making the same choice.It would seem that social media is more important to women as a whole rather than men. A massive 71% of men would choose to sacrifice social media, but only 59% of women would do the same.

Is Three A Crowd?

There’s a pretty even split when it comes to group sex. 31% of people have had at least one threesome in the past, and 32% have not had a threesome but want to! The slight majority of 38% have decided they’re not interested in sharing any of the good stuff with more than one person and wouldn’t consider having a threesome.

Do Blondes Have More Fun?

SKYN delved further into demographic info and analysed the sexual habits of those with different hair colours! Redheads have turned out to be the givers when it comes to oral sex and prefer to make their partner feel good.43% of women with black hair are making the most of each session and report multiple orgasms for each tumble! Brunettes know how to get the job done and tend to masturbate 5+ times a week.Blondes might be having more fun – 88% of blondes agree that foreplay is necessary when having sex. Power to you!

Written in the Stars

Leos are the most likely to sext out of all the signs and Cancers report having the most sex! When it comes to talking about how many people you’ve had sex with, Virgos tend to under-report their conquests while Geminis like to embellish the figures.Where extras are concerned, Aquarius signs use lube for over 50% of their adventures and Scorpios are the kinksters and the most likely to employ restraints in the bedroom.Libras know how they like it and report masturbating the most out of all 2,000 respondents. They don’t need to umm and ah about getting off, they know what works and get down to business.

It’s important to stay protected whether you’re doing doggy or cowgirl, sliding into someone’s DMs or giving up social to get lucky.Make sure you’re prepared with some SKYN Condoms from Adulttoymegastore.

By 4 days ago
Posted in Hot Gossip
Love giving head but hate the taste of latex? This article is for you!. Expand article.

Unless you’re dating the Joker, a blowjob is bound to be a pleasurable experience. I mean, what’s not to like? When you’re on the receiving end that it …Some people choose to perform oral sex while their partner is wearing a condom. This could be for many reasons. Maybe they’re a new partner or a one-night stand? Either way, it’s important to protect yourself.However, that latex taste isn’t always conducive to the mood when you’re trying to get down and dirty with your partner.Read on for 5 of the best tasting condoms that will have you going back for more and more!

1 - Durex Tropical

Slip one of these condoms on your partner to experience a taste explosion of pineapples, guavas and strawberries. It’s like a tropical fruit smoothie … only it’s on a penis?

2 - Glyde Ultra Cola

Now you’re penis can taste exactly like one of the best-selling fizzy drinks on the market with Glyde’s cola flavoured johnnies. These are idea for the person who just can’t get enough Coke in their life.

3 - Glyde Ultra Vanilla

As it turns out, vanilla isn’t only reserved for desserts! Wearing one of these flavoured condoms will have you walking around like you’ve got a creme brulee in your pants. Just make sure you don’t let your partner what it with a spoon to get to the good stuff within.

4 - Four Seasons Naked Flavours

Not sure what tickles your fancy? Or maybe you believe that variety is the spice of life. Either way, this little box of condoms is a veritable taster pack of tasty love gloves. You’re bound to find something you like!

5 - Slimfit Strawberry

One of the most common reasons people don’t like wearing condoms is the potential lack of sensation. Well, Glyde has solved this problem for you! Their ultra slim condom design provides protection without compromising on sensation.

So, go forth. Wrap up and enjoy the wonders of oral sex while being safe and tasty!

Unprotected oral sex can lead to sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and, to be honest, cause a lot of easily avoidable hassle! When reciving oral sex or giving a blow job discuss the use of a male condom or dental dam with your partner(s). STIs are passed between partners via bodily fluids and ensuring your sexual health is all part of a great sex experience!

Flavoured condoms are a type of lubricated condom designed to taste sweet and make fellatio more pleasant for those who may not be a huge fan of the traditional latex taste.Make sure you check the ingredients listed in the flavoured lubrication before use. No one wants to end up in the ER from giving a BJ!

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By 8 days ago
Posted in Sexual Health
Simple but effective!.Studded, ribbed or dotted condoms are pleasurable additions everyone should try! . Expand article.

Everyone has their own preferred form of contraception, whether it be classic, extra safe, latex free or ultra-thin. Often, we discover something that works and stick to it. For example, those who have experienced premature ejaculation may invest in condoms that delay orgasm. Then they'll continue to use that for a prolonged period of time. There's so much variation in contraceptive pleasure, you'd be a fool not to give everything a go.

There are so many variables that affect your sex life, do your best not to overly blame yourself for a lack of performance. Everyone has their bad days, sometimes your partner is just too damn sexy! The attitude is similar with ribbed condoms. Just because ribbed/studded contraception provides extra stimulation, you shouldn't rely on this to satisfy your partner.

Here are 5 of the most popular studded/ribbed condoms

Studded, ribbed or dotted contraception are all variations of raised nodes that have been strategically placed to provide extra sensation to him, her or both partners. Extra sensations are produced by the increased amount of friction that the various nodes provide. More friction equals more nerve stimulation, resulting in more enjoyment.

1. Ansell Skyn Intense Feel 10 Pack

Skyn condoms from Ansell are known for being latex free! Latex free products are created for those who experience allergies with other forms of contraception. Skyn Intense features raised dots placed to maximise stimulation in your most sensitive areas.

2. Four Seasons Naked Ribbed 12 Pack

The Four Seasons Naked range is all about creating an experience so thin that it almost feels like you're not wearing a condom at all. This 12 pack is ultra-thin, yet still features a textured ribbed sensation.

3. Lifestyles Ultra Ribbed 12 Pack

More stimulation for her, more satisfaction for him. Lifestyles Ultra Ribbed is simply a win-win!

4. Ansell Lifestyles Ribbed 12 Pack

Remember that this is different from the Ansell Skyn range! These Lifestyles Ribbed condoms feature ribbing along the length of the shaft, but do contain natural rubber latex.

5. Four Season Studded 6 Pack

Delicately raised studs to maximise pleasure and stimulation. This pack also comes with a stylish pink tin to keep your condoms safe. Holding up to 3 condoms, take them for an unforgettable weekend away, or is that not enough?


Sexually transmitted infections (sti's) should always be taken seriously! Although unlikely, there's always a possibility of breakage. If sensations suddenly feel different, take a moment to check if the condom is still intact. Classic reasons for any condom breaks are: using products that have passed their expiry date or storing conception incorrectly. Unplanned pregnancies can be caused by storing contraception in your wallet! Condoms that have been stored in wallets for longer than one night are prone to drying up. Only ever keep contraception in your pocket, if using it that night!

If you experience, itching, redness, bumps or swelling after using a latex condom. You may be allergic to latex or spermicide. Experiment with latex free contraception to help identify the cause of your reaction. If side effects remain the same, go to your nearest sexual health service immediately!

See Adulttoymegastore's entire range of condoms, including ribbed, flavoured, latex free and female condoms.

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By one month ago
Posted in Sex Toy Guides

Why should I buy condoms?

A condom is birth and STD control aid designed to be put over a man's penis before sex so semen and bodily fluids are not transferred between partners. A condom is a tight fitting sheath with a reservoir end which is most commonly made of thin, natural latex rubber, designed to cover the erect penis during sexual acts and vaginal or anal intercourse.

The purpose of condoms is to prevent contact with semen and vaginal fluids by limiting skin-to-skin contact in order to avoid pregnancy and the spread of sexually transmitted infections or diseases. Condoms are wrapped individually in a sealed foil packet, and shouldn't be used if the seal is torn or broken, or if the condom has expired.

Not everyone likes the sensation of wearing a condom and many people think it decreases the sensitivity and enjoyment of sex, but you can get ultra-thin condoms, as well as ribbed and textured condoms, which enhance sexual pleasure. Think of a condom as a contraceptive raincoat made from rubber latex, keeping you safe and protected from sexually transmitted diseases to make sex safe.

The benefits of wearing a condom far outweigh the negative. A condom is a form of birth control to prevent pregnancy and unplanned parenthood. It's like a suit of armor for your penis, and will shield you from pregnancy or sexual infections. That's why you should buy and use condoms to ensure you're keeping safe. Wear a condom each and every time you have sex - especially with a new sexual partner. Condoms should only be used once, and disposed of immediately after use.

What kinds of condoms are there?

We stock a huge range of condoms from leading condom brands including Durex, Ansell, My Size, Glyde, Trojan, and more. Condom types include classic condoms, ultra-thin condoms, condoms with added sensations such as ribs and bumps for enhanced pleasure, flavoured condoms to please the taste buds during oral sex, and different sized condoms to fit a man's unique penis perfectly, which means there's no excuse for having sex without a condom. Latex-free condoms and vegan condoms are also available.

What should I do if regular-sized condoms don't fit?

If normal size condoms are too big or too small to fit on your penis and stay on securely during sex, you should buy condoms that are sized differently to a regular fit. We recommend My.Size Condoms, as My.Size manufactures condoms in seven different sizes, which you select depending on the circumference of your penis. This ensures you will get the perfect fit, which will help to put your mind at ease and focus on the fun and intimate task at hand.

Read the My.Size Condom Size Chart to find your perfect size condom.

Is it safe to use lubricant with condoms?

Most lubricants are safe to use with condoms, with the exception of oil-based or petroleum jelly based lubricants, which can weaken the latex of the condom and could cause the condom to tear. Water-based lubricant is always safe to use with condoms, and if you're ever unsure whether or not a lubricant is safe to use with your chosen condoms, always read the ingredients before use.