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Different Types of Dildos Explained

By Janelle Cheesman 9 months ago. Posted in Sex Toy Guides
Different Types of Dildos Explained

How to choose the perfect dildo

There are so many different types of dildos to pick from, which can make it pretty hard to find the perfect "fit" (pun intended!). The team at Adulttoymegastore has put together a list of different types of dildo sex toys and what their points of difference are, to help you make an informed choice when buying your next dildo!

What is a Dildo?

Dildos are any sex toy designed for penetration. Most dildos come with a tapered tip and smooth shaft for easy penetration, and dildos come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, so it's important to choose the size and the design that works best for you.

Dildos should always be used with personal lubricant. Even if there is enough natural lubrication, more is always better. The best dildos are ones that are non-porous (not made from materials that absorb fluid and can harbor bacteria). We believe that the best materials for dildos are 100% silicone, stainless steel and glass.


What kinds of Dildos are there?

There is a multitude of dildo toy types available based on what you want to use your dildo for, and what you want your dildo to look and feel like. There are anal dildos, double dildos, dildos with curved tips for G-spot stimulation, and you can even buy realistic dildos with penis-shaped tips and pairs of life-like balls. If that's not enough stimulation for you alone, you can even buy vibrating dildos for extra pleasure!

Here is a list of the most popular dildo sex toy types:

Realistic Dildo

A realistic Dildo has a life-like design and texture. This type of dildo is perfect for someone who wants a dildo that looks and feels like a real penis. Often detailed with veins and balls, realistic dildos are made from real-feel materials that look and feel like real skin. Realistic dildos can have a suction base for hands-free use, or can be compatible with a strap-on harness if desired.

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Vibrating Dildo

Vibrating Dildos are dildo's that have been designed with an added vibration function for extra stimulation. Vibrating dildos are often detailed with veins and balls. Some are bright and glittery, while others are made from fleshy, real-feel materials that look and feel like real skin. Whichever you prefer, you get the feel of a real penis but with the added bonus of extra vibration and stimulation!

Packing Dildo

Packing Dildos are for "Packing", which is wearing padding or a phallic object in the front of the pants or underwear to give the appearance of having a penis and male bulge. Packing is commonly practiced by trans men (i.e. female-to-male transgender or transsexual people). People who cross-dress as male may also "pack". While packing dildos are technically sex toys, they are actually an essential aid for trans people.

Double Ended Dildo

A double ended dildo, also known as a Double Dong or Double Ender, is a sex toy with two penis shaped ends rather than just one like a regular dildo. This type of dildo is most commonly used to penetrate two different people at the same time, but a woman may also use it for simultaneous vaginal and anal penetration. This type of dildo will typically be longer than a regular dildo and can be made of silicone, rubber, latex or glass.

Suction Cup Dildos

A Suction Cup Dildo is a dildo that has a suction base that can be temporarily attached to flat surfaces, such as showers and walls or floors. This allows the user to use the dildo hands-free.

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Vac-U-Lock Dildos

Vac-U-Lock by sex toy company Doc Johnson is the world's first and only patented harness system, offering endless possibilities for you to embrace your fantasies. Vac-U-Lock Dildos are compatible with the Vac-U-Lock Strap-On harnesses, which open up a whole new world of strap-on sex possibilities due to the design's versatility.

Strap-On Dildos

A strap-on dildo is a dildo designed to be worn, usually with a harness, during sexual activity. Harnesses and dildos are made in a wide variety of styles, with variations in how the harness fits the wearer, how the dildo attaches to the harness, as well as various features intended to facilitate stimulation of the wearer or a sexual partner. A strap-on dildo can be used for a wide variety of sexual activities, including vaginal sex, gay sex, oral sex, or solo or mutual masturbation. Sexual lubricant can be used to ease insertion, and strap-on dildos can be used by people of any gender or sexuality.

2 Colours
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Glass Dildos

A Glass Dildo is perfect for anyone who wants to try new sensations. Made from body-safe and super strong borosilicate glass, it can be used for thrilling temperature play by simply heating or cooling with water prior to sex or masturbation. We recommend using plenty of lube for enhanced stimulation and comfort.

Anal Dildos

Some dildos are designed specifically for anal stimulation. These dildos have a flared base for safe anal play. A dildo designed to be inserted in the anus and remain in place for a period of time is usually referred to as a butt plug. A dildo intended for repeated anal penetration (thrusting) is typically referred to as an anal dildo or simply "dildo".

G-spot Dildos

A G-spot dildo has a curved tip to stimulate a woman's G-spot, or a man's P-spot. These dildos come in a variety of textures, shapes and sizes, with the only difference being the tip of the dildo, which is curved.

Giant Dildos

Giant dildos are extra-long and thick, and are designed for experienced dildo users. These huge dildos are usually too large for a dildo beginner, so it pays to purchase a regular sized dildo before working your way up to trying a giant one!

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