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20th April 2018
"Great product, fast, easy ordering and delivery process. Discreet packaging."
- Disastrous Dan , Australia
18th April 2018
"Awesome store. Will definitely buy from ATMS again!"
- Sassygirl , Adelaide
17th April 2018
"Great product range and prompt service."
- Funtimes, Geelong
14th April 2018
"Fast shipping!"
- James, Gold Coast
13th April 2018
"Your website and your customer service team are great. We will definitely be shopping through the website again."
- Fred, Mornington Peninsula
12th April 2018
"Good range, prices are great, and quick and very discreet with parcel delivery."
- Rick, Australia
11th April 2018
"Absolutely fantastic. Great service. Fast and discreet delivery."
- Rachie, Australia
9th April 2018
"You guys are fantastic! Keep it up :)"
- Port Girl , Australia
7th April 2018
"Excellent product and fast delivery."
- Yuki, Gold Coast
6th April 2018
"Absolutely fantastic. Great service. Fast and discreet delivery."
- Fred, Mornington Peninsula
5th April 2018
"Products are easy to find and ATMS have a good range of items. If you’re looking for a wand vibrator there's multiple to choose from. Then when your items get packed and shipped it’s done in a timely fashion. In the delivery there is a card with who shipped your order which makes quality assurance easy to manage. I always get the exact items I purchased and nothing gets left behind. I will not shop anywhere else as the service is top notch."
- Jay, Tasmania
5th April 2018
"ATMS is an amazing adult mega store that supplies to everybody’s individual needs. Recommend!"
- Sassy, Australia
4th April 2018
"Great variety of products, I was able to get a product at a reasonable price that would have cost a lot more somewhere else."
- Maleficent , Melbourne
3rd April 2018
"I love your services and products, I would highly recommend you to others."
- Tom, Melbourne
3rd April 2018
"Great website and great products, also fast delivery - thank you very much!"
- Andy, Queensland
28th March 2018
"ATMS is awesome to deal with! Fast postage and good quality items."
- Zappa, Melbourne
26th March 2018
"Great products, great service, and the ability to earn points is great incentive to keep shopping with ATMS."
- Paul, Gold Coast
24th March 2018
"Item was exactly what I imagined. Price was great. Order was handled efficiently & delivered quickly."
- Tc, Australia
22nd March 2018
"Wonderful service and quick delivery!"
- Katie, Adelaide
16th March 2018
"Fantastic, informative website. I came here as a beginner and found useful information to help me make the right choice in toys."
- Beginner, Australia
14th March 2018
"Easy as shopping and the added personal type language used is fantastic! You feel like a customer not a number :) Rare these days!"
- Lola, Sydney
11th March 2018
"Can say I'll definitely buy from you guys again in the future. Keep up the good work."
- Paul, Melbourne
9th March 2018
"My package arrived and it was done very tastefully in hiding the fact that it is something I do not wish people to know about me."
- Jane Gold, Australia
7th March 2018
"Menus are easy to use, checkout is hassle free; products are fun, sturdy and great prices! Plenty of options for solo play or partner play and for both Guys and Gals & everything in between! I'll be back again & again!"
- Ian, Qld
6th March 2018
"Brilliant! Got my package so quickly - couldn’t ask for any quicker really."
- Roz, Brisbane
4th March 2018
"Excellent service and super fast delivery... Best online shop so far."
- Lama, Australia
3rd March 2018
"My order arrived a day early, well packaged and in perfect condition!"
- Gwinavere , Australia
1st March 2018
"I’m amazed with the speed of service. It’s been a very long time since I’ve had to buy toys online. It was easy as!"
- Arwen , Australia
28th February 2018
"ATMS have a great range of toys and accessories to keep the spark alive in any relationship. Every time we have used ATMS we've have been extremely satisfied with our purchase "literally"."
- Mick, Nsw
26th February 2018
"Awesome to deal with - fast, discreet delivery and great products."
- Dale, Hobart
26th February 2018
"Their delivery service is discreet and fast so you don’t have to wait too long to play with your new toys which is great. 5 out of 5 every time ATMS, keep up the good work!"
- Dawggg , Australia
24th February 2018
"Found the site easy to use. My items were delivered next day. Happy with my purchase!"
- Emma, Brisbane
22nd February 2018
"Items are discreetly packaged. Pricing is quite competitive and they have a good loyalty program."
- Mrmatty, Gold Coast
22nd February 2018
"I would rate the service 10/10! Everything was such a reasonable price, everything works perfectly and the delivery was so quick! Very happy!!"
- Jess, Nsw
20th February 2018
"Awesome! Easy to navigate site, great range, excellent value, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"
- Noah, Tasmania
16th February 2018
"Awesome! Easy to navigate site, great range, excellent value, HIGHLY RECOMMEND!"
- Gizmo, Melbourne
15th February 2018
"Everything was easy to find and purchase and delivery was exceptionally quick. I will definitely buy here again."
- Kazoo, Nsw
14th February 2018
"Super-fast delivery and exceptional customer service best I have had the pleasure of shopping online."
- Tony, Melbourne
12th February 2018
"Fast and efficient. First time buying on this site and I definitely will return."
- Franki, Australia
9th February 2018
"Absolutely love using your website. Amazing customer service, easy site navigation and discreet packaging."
- Scott, Australia
8th February 2018
"The service is amazing, my parcel arrived so fast. Sophie is the best customer service person EVER! The range is huge and the prices are terrific."
- Loz, Australia
7th February 2018
"My go-to sex store. If ever there are any minor issues, ATMS is ready to make things right!"
- Lady, Qld
7th February 2018
"I was a bit nervous about purchasing my first toy but ATMS made it less daunting with itis quick delivery and discreet packaging. Very happy with my purchase!"
- Sexybexy, Melbourne
6th February 2018
"10 out of 10 again ATMS. We love your shop, your range and your prices. Keep it up and we will keep coming back."
- Jetboy, Australia
5th February 2018
"Adulttoymegastore is Amazinggggg."
- Hayleey95, Perth
4th February 2018
"Great, shipping was fast and just straight out happy with the customer service I got."
- T, Australia
3rd February 2018
"Awesome! The customer service team were super helpful, super-fast shipping too. I will definitely shop here again and will also be recommending ATMS to my friends."
- Frankie, Gold Coast
2nd February 2018
"Fast and efficient. First time buying on this site and I definitely will return."
- Julea, Nsw
2nd February 2018
"The products and items are amazing and I was having so much fun shopping!"
- Kitkat, Sydney
1st February 2018
"Huge range, easy to use the website, great prices. Would buy again."
- Jane, Qld
1st February 2018
"I always love buying stuff from ATMS :) They usually have the best prices and a huge range of products. And customer service is great."
- Anna, Melbourne
26th January 2018
"Website is easy to use and navigate, big range and discounts - great experience thanks ATMS!"
- George, Dandenong
25th January 2018
"It was a quick and easy option to shop online with atms. I found what I was looking for very easily as well as some other things. Regular correspondence from atms was reassuring."
- Pando, Nsw
24th January 2018
"Great range at reasonable prices with fast delivery. Very happy with my purchase and looking forward to finding something new for our toy box."
- Lilly, Adelaide
23rd January 2018
"Absolutely fantastic range, easy shopping, fast post and great customer service. Happy all round and I wish all internet shopping was this easy!"
- Tamelion, Melbourne
21st January 2018
"Fantastic range. Quick shipping. Lots of info on all products and how to use them!"
- Tess, Australia
19th January 2018
"Without fail, the team at ATMS are always a pleasure to deal with. They are super efficient and always keep me in the loop re my order. Most online businesses could take a lesson or two from ATMS. Thanks again."
- Otoo, Australia
18th January 2018
"Great communication! Emails answered right away. Highly recommend!"
- Helen, Melbourne
17th January 2018
"Very easy. Exactly as described. Fast postage. 10/10 will definitely be ordering again!"
- Zeus, Sydney
16th January 2018
"The products were great quality and delivered in a timely manner and the communication was outstanding. Thank you!"
- Tammy, Gold Coast
15th January 2018
"There was very good and clear information on the particular item I was after - and you were the only company, on the planet, that had it - plus, your price was the best. Well done!!!"
- Tim, Adelaide
14th January 2018
"I've browsed a lot of stores and none of them stock the wide range that these guys do. Postage is always fast, 100% discreet and I the delivery company (DHL in my case) keeps me in the loop re delivery."
- Zz, Australia
12th January 2018
"I was so happy with the super-fast delivery and great prices. Such a great range as well. Can't wait to try out all our new toys and come back for more soon!!!"
- Bella, Melbourne
10th January 2018
"I was thoroughly impressed with the delivery time. Wasn’t sure if it would make it before Christmas, and it did. Was so stoked, thanks guys!"
- Bo, Perth
8th January 2018
"Easy shopping, quick shipping. Happy with my freebie!"
- Bec, Melbourne
7th January 2018
"Was great! Easy to find products and easy to check out!"
- Matt, Brisbane
6th January 2018
"Huge range of products, and good specials."
- James, Australia
5th January 2018
"Easy to use website, great selection and pricing but above all, awesome customer service."
- Cuplfun, Adelaide
22nd December 2017
"Great products, easy to use website, awesome range of products & good prices!"
- Funtimes, Australia
21st December 2017
"Very good. Loved the ease of ordering online and quick delivery. "
- Harry, Australia
17th December 2017
"Amazing website which I found easy to use and quite helpful."
- Uni Girl, Brisbane
16th December 2017
"Great products at cheap prices and speedy delivery."
- Christie, Melbourne
15th December 2017
"The website was easy to use - lots of options to look through."
- Randy, Australia
14th December 2017
"Super easy, great prices and super-fast delivery ... Perfect!"
- Balls2walls, Australia
13th December 2017
"I had an idea of what I wanted, I found it easily on your website. I purchased and received it in a couple of days in a discreet package."
- Angie, Nsw
12th December 2017
"The ordering process was user friendly and painless. Once I clicked the submit button I was kept up to date with the delivery and I did not have to wait long for my order to arrive. Well done on great service."
- Curious, Wa
11th December 2017
"Great selection of products at very competitive prices. Lots of helpful info on the website as well."
- Cosmo, Perth
10th December 2017
"I was really happy with the whole shopping experience - thanks!"
- Chunky, Melbourne
9th December 2017
"I had an amazing experience, I was worried my parcel wouldn’t be delivered in time for me going away, (my own fault), but it was and the customer service crew was incredibly helpful and understanding."
- Victoria, Australia
8th December 2017
"Very useful guides and reviews, shopping was fun and delivery was fast and discreet. I will be shopping again!"
- Assy, Brisbane
7th December 2017
"Wide range, easy to use website, discrete packaging and fast post. Love the loyalty rewards program!"
- Kinkycat, Australia
5th December 2017
"Great! Products were amazing."
- Livvy, Australia
30th November 2017
"Love the site and great prices and sales. Informative info and honest feedback. A little bit cheeky too - I like it!"
- Bones, Tasmania
29th November 2017
"Customer support was amazingly helpful when my parcel was damaged, they offered to replace or refund it without me having to ask. Would use this site again just because of that."
- Assy, Brisbane
28th November 2017
"The team at ATM we’re amazing!! After a hiccup due to Australia Post the customer service team were extremely helpful and rectified the problem straight away. Thank you for everything. Especially the awesome new toys!"
- Crystal, Australia
27th November 2017
"Great! Products were amazing."
- Blueman, Australia
26th November 2017
"Great quick delivery"
- Amy, Perth
24th November 2017
"Love the wide selection and great quality products!"
- Tim, Melbourne
23rd November 2017
"Awesome from website to delivery, plain package helps out too."
- That Guy, Australia
21st November 2017
"Excellent website, good pricing, prompt delivery."
- Duckie, Perth
20th November 2017
"Love shopping with ATMS, huge product range, I could/have spent hours browsing through and adding things to my wish list. Super friendly team, good communication. I highly recommend ATMS for all your play time needs."
- Toylover, Australia
19th November 2017
"Great service, quick shipping, discreet packaging, wide range of products and great prices! Would definitely repurchase from ATMS."
- Tj, Australia
18th November 2017
"ATMS provides an easy and enjoyable online shopping experience from beginning to end. The website is easy to navigate, there is a comprehensive range of products and the filters allow for speedy searches."
- Lana, Australia
17th November 2017
"Excellent pricing, great range of products, fast delivery."
- Josh, Tullamarine
16th November 2017
"Everything was great and up to my expectations."
- Lil Spoon, Canberra
15th November 2017
"Wow, fast no hassle transaction!"
- Bambam, Australia
14th November 2017
"The wife & I spent many hours happily browsing through your website. There were so many items we were interested in. We are very happy with the items we did order & how quickly our order was delivered. We are looking forward to our next shopping spree!"
- Peter, Australia
13th November 2017
"Easiest shopping experience and so many affordable toys and lingerie!"
- Mydlb & Mydls , Australia
12th November 2017
"Prompt delivery and easy to use site :)"
- Winter12 , Gold Coast
11th November 2017
"Really happy with the toys and service. Prices are competitive and delivery is prompt."
- Jess, Qld
10th November 2017
"Love the items I purchased, great value for money and quick delivery - 5 stars!"
- Sam, Qld
10th November 2017
"Nice and discreet service!"
- Tony, Australia
9th November 2017
"You literally have everything I need and more!"
- Mel, Nsw
8th November 2017
"You guys are awesome as usual! I love that I know who packed my order!"
- Fiona, Gold Coast
7th November 2017
"ATMS has a great service - fast and efficient"
- Ll, Australia
5th November 2017
"Friendly service, fast delivery and great products. Thumbs up!"
- Monnie, Australia
2nd November 2017
"Easy and discreet. Massive range and excellent prices. A repeat customer who'd recommend to anyone!"
- Doc, Melbourne
2nd November 2017
"Service was fast and zero hassles. Will be shopping with ATMS again. A++"
- Rutherford, Australia
1st November 2017
"Amazing service! Only online store I buy from, super quick delivery and top quality products. Have made a few orders since my first. Would definitely recommend!"
- C, Qld
29th October 2017
"Great service, top prices. We will be shopping with you in the future!"
- Charlie Wong, Australia
28th October 2017
"ATMS is my favourite place for toys. There's always great sales on and the pleasure point system keeps me coming back for more. They have a great range with reasonable prices. Thanks!"
- Mike, Australia
28th October 2017
"Great items, fast delivery, good quality. Very happy with service."
- Aj, Australia
27th October 2017
"Very discreet and quick service. Great product."
- Jethro, Qld
26th October 2017
"I was extremely pleased with delivery times! Great product, informative reviews. 10/10 would use again."
- Scuba, Geelong
25th October 2017
"Great prices, speedy delivery, discreet packaging - I'm happy!"
- K, Brisbane
22nd October 2017
"Discreet but personal. I lived the little 'packed by' card in the package."
- Em, Brisbane
19th October 2017
"Absolutely wonderful! 5 star customer service, quick shipping and very confidential and private! I will be back :)"
- Amy, Ipswich
18th October 2017
"I have no complaints. Everything arrives in good nick and in reasonable time."
- Frank, Tasmania
17th October 2017
"Fast delivery and amazing service!"
- Ron, Ringwood
15th October 2017
"I love ATMS, so easy, very discreet and such great value for money!"
- Lola, Australia
15th October 2017
"Great variety of sex toys to choose from, excellent specials, and there’s always something new in stock, and if you want to try something different this is the adult store for you."
- Shorty279, Sydney
14th October 2017
"Great variety of sex toys to choose from, excellent specials, and there’s always something new in stock. If you want to try something different this is the store for you!"
- Shorty, Sydney
14th October 2017
"Great job, Great service, Great shipping time!"
- Will, Brisbane
13th October 2017
"Was great!! Fast, cheap and discreet."
- Pete, Australia
12th October 2017
"Happy with the quality of products and discreet delivery."
- Kk, Qld
11th October 2017
"Easy to order, and shipped and arrived quickly and discreetly, 10/10 service!"
- D, Nsw
10th October 2017
"The shipping was quick and discreet and the tracking on my items was perfect also. So happy with my new sex toys!"
- Mummah Bear, Australia
10th October 2017
"Amazing service and great quality products. Fast and discreet shipping. I couldn't be happier!"
- Holly, Adelaide
9th October 2017
"Easy to manage and work my way around ordering, discreet shipping - 10/10!"
- Tiquila, Brisbane
5th October 2017
"ATMS is an easy to use site and purchasing is hassle free."
- Ben, Australia
4th October 2017
"Everything I've ordered is just as described. Quick reply to queries and overall great service. Thanks ATMS!"
- Kb, Sydney
28th September 2017
"Great products at great prices!"
- Chris, Gold Coast
27th September 2017
"Great Service, and the quality of product was much better than I expected especially for the price. Love the smiley face and name of the packer, brilliant."
- Vonnie, Australia
26th September 2017
"Easy to use website, had no issues with purchasing my item and with shipping which was quick & discreet so no worries at all."
- Jimmy, Nsw
25th September 2017
"10th wedding anniversary was made additionally special with the purchase of items. Timely delivery. Thanks so much."
- Charlie, Australia
23rd September 2017
"Thanks so much we both are very happy."
- Andy, Western Downs
22nd September 2017
"My shopping experience was excellent, being a first time buyer from any adult store, I was absolutely pleased with how smooth everything went. Delivery was super-fast - even coming from NZ I got it within 2 days. I have already recommended to family and friends. Hubby has already been searching for the next buy."
- First Timer, Definitely Not The Last, Sydney
21st September 2017
"Quick, no fuss delivery."
- John, Brisbane
19th September 2017
"It was great experience! It was first time and I had no idea about sex toys, and I’m very happy with my purchase."
- Sagiitarian, Australia
17th September 2017
"Good responsive service, good communication, quick turnaround."
- Aggit, Australia
15th September 2017
"I’m a first time purchaser and I’m completely satisfied with how things went ordering from ATMS!"
- Dan, Nsw
14th September 2017
"Very easy website to navigate, quick easy payment system."
- Bee, Australia
13th September 2017
"I looked at a few online adult toy sites. ATMS had all that I wanted on one site. Great tracking communication and fast delivery."
- Kez, Victoria
12th September 2017
"I have found ATMS to be fast and professional with good prices and amazing sales!"
- Callipygian , Sydney
11th September 2017
"Shopping with ATMS was fast, discreet and easy and arrived in a timely manner."
- Pete, Victoria
11th September 2017
"Great selection of products for those new to experimenting with sex toys to those who have just about tried it all."
- Lili, Australia
8th September 2017
"ATMS is really easy to shop online, they constantly have great specials, fast delivery and very discreet packaging."
- Ash, Newcastle
7th September 2017
"Made my first purchase from ATMS recently and wish I'd done so sooner! Very easy and discreet process and excellent customer service. Fast shipping too!"
- Kyle, South Australia
6th September 2017
"Very honest reviews, makes it easier to purchase the right toy for you. Also, quick delivery."
- Katy, Victoria
5th September 2017
"Fast, quality products and my mystery gift matched the theme of my other purchases."
- Oh My, Nsw
5th September 2017
"I had a great experience, as long as my futures experiences are the same as this one I'll be a very happy customer!"
- Britts, Melbourne
4th September 2017
"Very good customer service and discreet."
- Jobo, Australia
30th August 2017
"Easy payment, quick shipping and discreet packaging."
- Chris, Melbourne
28th August 2017
"Shopping experience was good, email updates were regular and friendly. Packaging of item was very discreet, you'd have no idea there was a butt plug in there!"
- Sarah, Qld
27th August 2017
"This website has a great variety and everything you need. Very fast shipping with discreet packaging. Good quality and was pleasantly surprised with the way it was carefully packaged. Definitely my new go to website."
- Glenn, Sydney
26th August 2017
"I spent hours browsing the ATMS store, there are so many options! I'll definitely be returning soon to find more fun things to buy…"
- Jess, Australia
25th August 2017
"Delivery was fast and very confidential, my number one concern was having everybody know what I had ordered! Loved the product I received, and it was exactly as described."
- Belle, Melbourne
24th August 2017
"Very good customer service and discreet postage!"
- Jobo, Australia
23rd August 2017
"It was easy and quick - would recommend in a heartbeat!"
- Big Lover, Nsw
22nd August 2017
"Great service and very easy to deal with."
- Friendly , Victoria
21st August 2017
"Easy to navigate website, simple payment options and fast shipping. Great company!"
- Nico, Sydney
20th August 2017
"Very helpful customer support and easy purchase. It came quickly and exactly as described. Thanks heaps!"
- Cereal, Brisbane
19th August 2017
"Huge range at great prices. Shopping is quick and easy. I'd recommend ATMS to anyone."
- Satisfied, Victoria
18th August 2017
"Love it!! A great experience for one and all."
- Matt, Bathurst
18th August 2017
"Quick, Easy, and discreet!"
- Spiceitup4fun, Australia
15th August 2017
"Easy shopping, free stuff and great quality products. Arrived after only a few days and very discreetly packaged. Would definitely shop from here again!"
- Chickybabe1127, Australia
11th August 2017
"A very easy site to buy from, all the information that is required easy to find. Quick, efficient and discrete delivery."
- Chris, Darwin
10th August 2017
"Great easy transaction. Discreet and great value!"
- Anon, Qld
9th August 2017
"Shipping was fast and efficient, and I found the site super easy to use!"
- Manda, Gold Coast
8th August 2017
"Great prices, prompt delivery and a free gift, highly recommended."
- Enjoyment, Australia
4th August 2017
"Great quality products, and extremely discreet packaging (and email correspondence!) I would definitely buy from ATMS again."
- Kh, Melbourne
3rd August 2017
"Shopping with ATMS was such a good experience! Great prices (lowest I could find), clear information on shipping rates, really big range, great customer service, tracked post on my item and the item showed up in a non-descript/unmarked box."
- Olivia, Melbourne
2nd August 2017
"Smooth transaction and good postage time."
- Bigad71, Nsw
2nd August 2017
"The website was easy to use, and ATMS offer some of the cheapest prices I could find, plus I didn't have to wait long for my discreet package to arrive!"
- Mscass, Melbourne
1st August 2017
"This is the first adult store that I had ever purchased from and it is always the one that I end up coming back to. The shipping is reliable and always on time, the sales are so amazing and the customer service is fantastic! I couldn’t recommend Adulttoymegastore enough!"
- Ej, Melbourne
1st August 2017
"Great affordable products and fast postage!"
- Desiiiiiii, Australia
29th July 2017
"There is a great variety of toys and they deliver in great time with great quality."
- Speedy, Australia
28th July 2017
"Hear-ye, new and curious customers! My shopping experience at ATMS was hassle free with zero fuss! My order arrived safe and sound (but most importantly, it arrived in discreet packaging). So fear-not and put your trust in ATMS!"
- Kxkx, Qld
28th July 2017
"Good prices and fast delivery - it got here before it said it would!"
- Leo, Cairns
27th July 2017
"I absolutely love ATMS. I won't buy anywhere else. They have done wonders for my sex life, I wouldn’t look back!!!!!"
- Mat, Bathurst
26th July 2017
"Easy to order from this site. Fast and discreet shipping with everything being well packed."
- Max, Brisbane
25th July 2017
"I have never had so much fun! Being completely unsatisfied in my ex relationship sexually, I am happy to say I've found my mojo after shopping at Adult Toy Mega Store! I'll admit I love my toys so much I have a collection now! I am always checking out what's new and exciting to try on their website."
- Elle, Australia
25th July 2017
"Very good prices for good quality toys!"
- Cheeky, Newcastle
24th July 2017
"Adding toys to the bedroom makes things more fun, especially if you’re into that type of thing, and ATMS has a great range and prices to get anyone started."
- Nidz, Australia
24th July 2017
"Fantastic service, great prices and fast postage. Items were very well packed."
- Good Vibrations, Australia
23rd July 2017
"Fast package deliveries, everything I've ordered has been packaged very well with the added personal touch of the card inside of who packed your order. Delivery parcels are guaranteed to be discreet - I've had nothing but a pleasant experience when dealing with ATMS, they’re awesome!"
- Bi Guy, Australia
21st July 2017
"I have been very happy with my recent purchases and the prompt delivery in discreet packaging."
- Blondie, Australia
20th July 2017
"Product was delivered fast and packaged well."
- Gunnolf, Melbourne
19th July 2017
"I love the large variety of toys that ATMS has to offer!"
- Anonymous, Sunshine Coast
14th July 2017
"The staff provided good knowledge of the product range and assisted me to make my purchase. The products ordered arrived safe in a prompt fashion. I will be ordering again."
- Rm, Gold Coast
13th July 2017
"Great shopping experience. Thanks!"
- Taree, Australia
12th July 2017
"Very satisfied with the quality of the product. The service was timely and satisfying, you will get my return business. Thanks heaps!"
- Curly, Australia
11th July 2017
"ATMS had the product I was looking for and it was a great price. So happy to shop with them. Simple to order, and pleased with privacy of the package as they promised. They ship it quickly. And I asked a question and had no problems. I would definitely shop with them again. Thank you ATMS!"
- Wesker-89 , Queensland
11th July 2017
"Was easy to purchase, fast delivery, perfect products and loved the little card that came inside, was that special touch that will have me coming back to ATMS!"
- Ali, Adelaide
10th July 2017
"Professional and discreet, and great value!"
- Pjsylvester, Gold Coast
9th July 2017
"Product was as described, pretty pleased with it. Delivery was on time, too!"
- Gordo, Melbourne
8th July 2017
"Great service and a wonderful selection, you're in safe hands at Adulttoymegastore!"
- V, Brisbane
7th July 2017
"My experience with my purchase from atms was very good I liked the parcel tracking and I received my purchase quickly."
- Toffee, Australia
7th July 2017
"Was easy to purchase, fast delivery, perfect products and loved the little card that came inside, was that special touch that will have me coming back to ATMS."
- Ali, Adelaide
5th July 2017
"Very satisfied with the quality of the product. The service was timely and satisfying, Will get my return business. Thanks heaps!"
- Curly , Melbourne
3rd July 2017
"Great shopping experience, thanks."
- Taree, Gold Coast
2nd July 2017
"The staff provided good knowledge of the product range and assisted me to make my purchase. The products ordered arrived safe in a prompt fashion. I will be ordering again."
- Rm, Gold Coast
29th June 2017
"I love shopping with ATMS as the products are good quality and me and my partner love the wide range."
- Kris, Australia
28th June 2017
"It was easy, convenient and fast. The package arrived quickly and discreetly. The products are exactly as described."
- Willow, Melbourne
27th June 2017
"Good customer service, decent prices and kept updated re: order status. Recommended."
- Euro88 , Sydney
26th June 2017
"I found the site very easy to navigate, with lots of drop down options which made it very easy to find what I was looking for. Communication regarding my order and delivery details was fantastic and delivery was very fast."
- Sb82, Melbourne
25th June 2017
"ATMS is my go-to store for all adult products because they're very professional and not click-bait/sleazy like other sites can be."
- Kelan, Australia
22nd June 2017
"Shipping was fast and discreet and the price was the best I could find for my item. Will definitely shop again."
- Siren, Nsw
22nd June 2017
"Very quick delivery. Very happy with quality, which means there’s nothing but fun to follow!"
- Rie, Australia
21st June 2017
"Shopping around this site is nearly as exciting as playing with my new toys once they arrive!"
- Misa, Australia
19th June 2017
"ATMS were great to deal with from ordering to delivery. I could not get over how quickly my order was shipped and how quickly it arrived. Will definitely be using ATMS in the future."
- Older And Wiser, Lugarno
18th June 2017
"Very discreet and fast shipping. There was support available and product descriptions and reviews helped me to select what was best for me."
- Happygal, Melbourne
17th June 2017
"Easy to order, very fast delivery. Good products!"
- Gee, Adelaide
12th June 2017
"My experience with ATMS was amazing! Very quick delivery and customer service was great. Highly recommend and I will be shopping with them again."
- Invisible Hand, Qld
11th June 2017
"Absolutely fantastic. No hassles and speedy delivery on items. Will definitely shop again!!!!!"
- Matt, Bathurst
10th June 2017
"As first time buyers, my partner and I were apprehensive about buying adult toys because we were worried about paying good hard earned money and not receiving quality products or quality service, but as soon as we found the Adult Toy Mega Store site we knew we were on to a winner. Not only was the website easy to navigate, but the photos and information was there that gave us the edge we needed as a consumer. Our products arrived in a quick timely fashion with discreet packaging as promised, and we got value for money, quality products and quality service! Thank you Adult Toy Mega Store team."
- Bonnie And Clyde, Airlie Beach
8th June 2017
"Fast shipping! Delivery was as quick as some Australian companies who deliver within the same country. Very impressed!"
- Mandk.just4fun, Gold Coast
5th June 2017
"ATMS has a great range of toys for both men and women for varying tastes and kinks. I found and bought toys I had not seen on other sites, and at such a great prices. I will certainly be buying again."
- Pickle, Adelaide
1st June 2017
"Low prices usually equals low quality, however, that has not been my experience. Very pleased."
- Mike, Brisbane
21st May 2017
"Great Products, Price and Service!!! AWESOME AUSSIE STORE!"
- Aussielover, Sydney
19th May 2017
"Great service, discreet packaging with excellent online service and a wide range of products"
- Jak, Melbourne
14th May 2017
"I love ATMS. The Wishlist function is great and there's always sales on so you can get a few things at once. Delivery is always discreet and very fast. I've made many orders so far and looking forward to getting more from my Wishlist which is ever growing! The staff were fantastic and got back to me very quickly when I had a question for them. Thanks ATMS!"
- Mike, Melbourne
5th May 2017
"Helpful staff, easy ordering, my new fave adult store!"
- Tj, New South Wales
1st May 2017
"ATMS have the widest range and the easiest website! Their parcels are always delivered so fast and are very discreet. ATMS truly is my favourite place to go and with such affordable products available. It's definitely my recommendation. :)"
- Vally, Melbourne
1st May 2017
"My order was handled quickly and efficiently but most of all it was very discreet!"
- Mistress C, Sydney
26th April 2017
"I've ordered via many online adult stores, but ATMS is my favourite by far; I won't shop anywhere else now! Shipping is super-fast and discreet, they always have the product I'm looking for and the prices are *amazing*. I love the rewards system and I always rave to people about the freebies; it feels a bit like Christmas when my order shows up! Thanks ATMS, love you lots!"
- Eve, Melbourne
26th April 2017
"Excellent good quality item exactly as described and prompt shipping."
- Aamon, Victoria
21st April 2017
"I was pleasantly surprised with my first purchase from an adult store! The product I ordered was of great quality and not pricey at all, and the free gifts that came with the package were also excellent and exceeded my expectations! I would definitely shop at ATMS in the future and would also recommend it to friends."
- Selena, Melbourne
19th April 2017
"Great all round service, I bought my partner a cheeky gift to which she was more than happy with! The product was good quality and the postage was faster than I anticipated - I'll will certainly be buying more products in due time and won't be bothering with SexyLand anymore."
- Nj, Melbourne
19th April 2017
"Fantastic customer service! I ordered an item and after the checkout, I received an email saying they didn't have that specific colour they gave me the option to take the item off my order or get a different colour and receive a $15 voucher code for my next order! Always very quick to reply and/or rectify things."
- Summer
18th April 2017
"The whole process was really smooth and the package came quickly, especially considering it was Easter time when I ordered it. The packaging was super discrete with no weird bulges."
- Em, Adelaide
18th April 2017
"Excellent range of products at great prices! Shipping was fast and cheap!"
- Banshee, Melbourne
15th April 2017
"Products are exactly as described and delivery is prompt and confidential."
- Jaye, Brisbane
15th April 2017
"Easy to use website - fast and easy checkout and includes PayPal! Free gifts or discounts for frequent purchases... why would you shop anywhere else?"
- Just4fun, Darwin
11th April 2017
"The shopping experience was fantastic- the website is easy to navigate- fantastic specials and promotions and the shipping was very quick! In the free gift I actually got not 1, not 2 but 3 extra free gifts. Fantastic service!! Definitely recommend and I will be coming back to purchase again in the very near future."
- Teejae, Adelaide
8th April 2017
"Loved the items we bought. We will be buying from here again."
- Dazza, Melbourne
5th April 2017
"Very fast delivery. Excellent products and the free gift was a lovely surprise."
- Madmaddy, Canberra
5th April 2017
"Great service, incredibly happy with my products and would recommend ATMS to anyone looking for some naughty' goods ;)"
- Looperfish, Melbourne
4th April 2017
"Quick and Easy Transaction, my order was shipped the next day. It arrived in a discrete box so no one knew what goodies I was receiving. Tracking number was provided so I could track my order. I received a free gift with my order - always a great bonus!!"
- Kj, Sydney
2nd April 2017
"Using ATMS was easy and smooth. Would highly recommend it."
- Ryzamac
1st April 2017
"When I placed my order I didn't realise I was ordering from NZ but it arrived super quick! I was very impressed, quicker than local mail in Australia."
- Sue2750
27th March 2017
"Easy shopping, cheap products and quick delivery. Happy customer. Thanks, I'll be back. X"
- Natasha, New South Wales
25th March 2017
"Mind blowing quantity of various sex toys on ATMS. Would not hesitate telling friends how easy it is to choose and order in anonymity."
- Birdmanmc, South Australia
25th March 2017
"I had a fantastic shopping experience. The store communication was great, and my products turned up very quickly. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this store to anyone who's in need of a bit of naughtiness."
- Cm1eight1, Melbourne
24th March 2017
"There was a huge variety of stock to choose from! My parcel came extremely fast!"
- Cookie Monster, Melbourne
21st March 2017
"Shopping was really easy and navigation on the page was clear."
- Alexander, Sydney
21st March 2017
"I found this site so simple when ordering, I didn't feel stressed out at all. I love how the prices are affordable and can suit every budget. Obviously this company prides itself on a high level of client privacy and every package that arrived at my house was discreet and delivery and processing is done outstandingly quick."
- Lola, Victoria
20th March 2017
"Awesome experience, very discreet, prompt service, and most importantly GREAT products."
- Spicy, Queensland
19th March 2017
"Love shopping with you guys! We are never disappointed with the products we purchase."
- Kello
16th March 2017
"Quick, easy service and delivery. Great products. Will definitely be buying from here again."
- Nicole, New South Wales
6th March 2017
"Super easy website, great communication, fast delivery. Got exactly what I wanted, so will defiantly be a repeat customer!"
- Blue Tattooman, Victoria
5th March 2017
"Great selection of product, fantastic prices, easy navigation and fast delivery! Products purchased 10 out of 10."
- Ausgirl, New South Wales
4th March 2017
"I'm a return customer and I'm always happy with the fast delivery and regular sales. The wish list lets you save things for later which is handy. You even get freebies with your order!"
- Mike, Melbourne
4th March 2017
"I enjoyed the variety of products and the promotional deals which came alongside them."
- Jjkota, South Australia
3rd March 2017
"My parcel arrived in only 3 days and was very discreet! I was really impressed with the quality of the products and will definitely be shopping with ATMS again in the future. Thankyou!!"
- Izzie, Brisbane
1st March 2017
"Amazing customer service when I was concerned about delivery, and the free gift with purchase was actually very good, I ended up using it more than the toy I purchased. Excellent quality of products and at very affordable prices, all with fast and discreet shipping and packaging. Will certainly shop again and have since recommended to friends!"
- M, Perth
28th February 2017
"Great quality, good prices, discreet shipping and easy navigation. Repeat customer!"
- Just4fun, Alice Springs
28th February 2017
"If you felt a little nervous purchasing from an overseas company like I first did, then I can say rest assure when dealing with ATM you can sit back and relax knowing that this company is above board and prides themselves on a great friendly fast and professional service. Quick to fix any issues that arrives and deals in high quality products delivered to your door. I have made multiple purchase and I am 100% happy with the way my orders were dealt with so quickly. I am a loyal customer and would never go anywhere else. ATMS is true and trusted by many."
- Dee, Sydney
27th February 2017
"I really love shopping with ATMS as it has everything I need and it is easy to search for products. I love how fast everything comes. It is our favourite adult toy site and we have made quite a few purchases since we found it."
- Kello, New South Wales
26th February 2017
"Great website design, great customer service and awesome shipping prices and times."
- Dan, Brisbane
25th February 2017
"Really easy, great value for money and the delivery was within the timeframe advised."
- Menalin, Tasmania
20th February 2017
"Fast, reliable, discreet and friendly."
- Jimmy, Brisbane
4th February 2017
"Fast and discrete. ATMS is a pleasure to buy from. Ha. See what I did there? Pleasure."
- Joey, Hobart
1st February 2017
"I love ATMS... I even check it out when I can't afford to as it has a wish list for later. My best advice is to spend a little more on a quality product, rather than buy 2 or 3 cheaper products. You will thank me later."
- Lisa, Sunshine Coast
16th January 2017
"Fast delivery, great prices and AMAZING products!"
- Ruby, Victoria
10th January 2017
"I had such a great experience shopping here! Great range of options, and such fantastic and discreet postage, and wonderful, helpful customer service. 10/10 best online shop I've seen."
- Lukas, Melbourne
10th January 2017
"Easy to shop online, fast and discreet delivery! All products were exactly how they were described on the website!"
- Samantha, Hervey Bay
9th January 2017
"Great service, the priciest are good and the quality is amazing, I like then little boys u get in your package saying who got the order ready and saying Thank you for shopping with them."
- Tay, Coolangatta
9th January 2017
"I was surprised how easy it was to find a site that was discreet and had everything I wanted for good prices. ATMS is great and I wouldn't use any other site."
- Tryhardwhiteboy, New South Wales
7th January 2017
"ATMS site is easy to use, very descriptive, with good prices and great customer service."
- Lisa, Sunshine Coast
3rd January 2017
"I would definitely buy my adult toys from ATMS again as the sight is easy to follow and the prices are good for anyone, even those who are on a tight budget! There is so much to choose from and the service is great. I had no problems what so ever. thanks ATMS!"
- Kris, Queensland
27th December 2016
"ATMS has a huge range of toys, prompt shipping, great customer service and a great website. I will definitely be shopping here again."
- Anna, Melbourne
30th November 2016
"After my first purchase I came back for more. I've recently decided that ATMS is my favourite store for all adult items I require."
- Nae, Adelaide
14th October 2016
"I've always found ATMS orders to be discretely and safely packaged and quickly dispatched. I am a very happy repeat customer."
- Gene, Western Australia
3rd October 2016
"ATMS stocks a broad range of items for pretty decent prices, there's a reason I keep coming back to buy from ATMS."
- Kinky, Adelaide
30th September 2016
"I purchased 2 sale products as I had not purchased from your company before, so I thought that the price was worth the risk of internet buying. I was extremely impressed with the products and delivery time. I will definitely be buying from you again."
- Groove, Queensland
25th September 2016
"At first I was hesitant to buy my adult products online but the speed and service of ATMS really won me over in no time."
- Jj, Adelaide
19th September 2016
"The site is easy to navigate and informative, with easily accessible product reviews."
- Phil B, Melbourne
13th September 2016
"ATMS has great customer service, beaten only by their great products. Any issues I have ever had have been immediately rectified. The only online adult shop I’ll ever use."
- Wayne, Victoria
12th September 2016
"Good prices, the order arrived on time, overall happy with purchase/service. I will be back :)"
- Ee, Perth
11th September 2016
"The website was hard to navigate on my phone, but once I was on my laptop, the website was easy to navigate and the postage was so quick, I couldn't believe it! The prices were great too. I am already planning my next order :)"
- Miss Tn, Victoria
10th September 2016
"We just bought from ATMS for the second time and we are very happy with how quick they are with delivery and how discreet the parcels are. It’s better then Christmas and we are already looking at what we can buy next."
- Mr & Mrs H , Woodenbong
10th September 2016
"My purchase experience was a 10 out of 10!!! Everything was great! The easy-to-use website, the super-fast confirmation email, the speedy delivery right to my doorstep and the quality of the products.. all so great! I also liked the personal touch of a hand drawn happy face to say 'thank you for your order' from the customer service team. Thank you ATMS!!"
- Amanda, Australia
4th September 2016
"The website was extremely easy to use, products arrived on time, and the best part is they are fun to use!"
- Miss T, Australia
30th August 2016
"Website is nice, ordering is easy, and items arrived quickly and nicely packaged."
- Miss Chaos, Melbourne
30th August 2016
"The website was pretty easy to navigate making it easy to find my items of interest. Fast processing and easy transaction method."
- B&c, Western Australia
27th August 2016
"Great service, awesome communication and superb delivery service. Will shop again. Thanks."
- Mr T, Hobart
26th August 2016
"It was a great website to use and easy to navigate, my items were received quickly and in perfect condition."
- Miss B, Newcastle
25th August 2016
"The website was easy to navigate and the products were good. I will not hesitate to use this website again to purchase more products."
- Toni, South Australia
23rd August 2016
"Great website! Huge range! Fast postage, very discreet! Will definitely be buying from this website again!"
- Miss E, Melbourne
20th August 2016
"Everything I got was A Grade and exactly what I was promised - I look forward to shopping here again."
- Ally N, New South Wales
19th August 2016
"My recent purchases through ATMS have been fantastic. The Customer service has always been superb. However, the delivery service from AUSPOST, seemed relatively slow considering we are in a regional NSW town only 4 hours from Sydney. After sales service from the ATMS team has been fantastic."
- Miss F, New South Wales
19th August 2016
"Very user friendly, great communication and lightning speed delivery. it seems like they have a great team behind them."
- Ms Vopez, Sydney
19th August 2016
"Adulttoymegastore is easy to use, though it did take a couple of presses of the 'add to cart' button before the website responded. Other than that, it was a great experience (my first time purchasing adult toys). My order arrived pretty quickly and everything went smoothly. I will definitely use ATMS again in the future!!"
- Rachel, Cairns
17th August 2016
"The website was fantastic to use, with fast and secure delivery. Products were as described. I can’t wait to order more!"
- Miss S, Australia
16th August 2016
"My experience was great, prices where great and delivery time was short."
- Mr H, Tumut
15th August 2016
"First time buyer and I am really impressed with the range of products. Happy with my order and will be using again!"
- Miss F, Adelaide
13th August 2016
"The ATMS website is incredibly easy to navigate and is nicely presented. My items arrived in perfect condition, expertly packed with the utmost care and the added card saying who my order was packed by was a lovely personal touch."
- Ethan L, South Australia
9th August 2016
"Good customer service, good delivery time and packaging is safe and discreet."
- Badone, Sydney
7th August 2016
"Great website, great products and fast delivery. 10 out of 10."
- Miss A, Adelaide
5th August 2016
"I would definitely recommend this company. There was an issue with one of the products I ordered and the service team were fantastic, very responsive and very helpful."
- J-red, Newcastle
2nd August 2016
"I have made purchases from various stores online before, this site was/is very easy to use, most items have descriptions and the customer comments are handy to get a real idea of the items."
- Narkissios, Australia
30th July 2016
"Fantastic company, very friendly, professional and easy to deal with."
- Bella, Melbourne
26th July 2016
"I have had nothing but positive experiences with ATMS, I had questions that I emailed about and they were promptly responded to."
- Crown Supreme, Australia
26th July 2016
"Very easy, clear and appealing website lay out. Great customer service, ATMS really makes you feel like a part of their team. I love the little notes inside the deliveries."
- Miss A, Perth
26th July 2016
"Items arrived really quick! Website was easy to navigate and checkout was a breeze. Thanks for my order :-)."
- Tandr, Melbourne
25th July 2016
"Easy to navigate website. Great variety of products and with a short delivery time."
- Mr J, Melbourne
25th July 2016
"Easy to use website, great range and quick delivery!"
- Miss C, Victoria
24th July 2016
"My experience with ATMs was so easy! And my order was delivered so quick!"
- Miss R, Brisbane
23rd July 2016
"I found the ordering process quick and easy and delivery was fast and discrete."
- Miss C, New South Wales
19th July 2016
"The website was easy to use, the package arrived safely, and what I liked is that ATMS allows you to choose to whether or not you want to sign for your parcel. I hate it when they send it to the post, so I liked this about the store as I could choose to have it just wait for me on my doorstep."
- Miss J, Brisbane
19th July 2016
"Adulttoymegastore is easy to navigate, appealing, and has a clear layout that makes it easy to find what I am looking for."
- Miss V, Melbourne
18th July 2016
"I found the products I wanted easily, at a cheap price, and delivery arrived before the estimated date."
- J, Sydney
18th July 2016
"Easy website to use, fast delivery, with top quality products that both my girlfriend and I can enjoy. The team was very helpful in answering my questions."
- Cam, Sydney
18th July 2016
"ATMS was easy to navigate, items arrived on time, with no issues at all."
- Bee, Queensland
16th July 2016
"Easy to use, items arrived in appropriate time, instructions were followed when my package was delivered. I will buy from ATMS again. I liked the free gifts."
- Miss Single, Sydney
16th July 2016
"I used ATMS because it has better prices than its competitors."
- Jl, Adelaide
16th July 2016
"ATMS was easy to navigate which made it easy to find what I wanted. Service and delivery was easy and prompt."
- G, Victoria
15th July 2016
"A good selection of items I've been unable to find elsewhere and at very reasonable prices. The ordering and delivery process was easy, quick and hassle free."
- Ben C, Adelaide
14th July 2016
"With a super easy to navigate website it's easy to find what I'm after. Items are packed and shipped in no time. Between that and some of the best prices around I am a very happy and will be a return customer."
- Missy, Adelaide
12th July 2016
"Using Adulttoymegastore was easy and my order was delivered quickly without any issues. The free extra items are a great touch and leave us interested in other products."
- Mr G, Australia
12th July 2016
"Good range of stuff and everything I am interested in is usually in stock. Customer service is always happy to help."
- Mr J, West Australia
12th July 2016
"Website was really easy to use, products arriver fast and discreetly."
- Mrs T, Queensland
12th July 2016
"I found the range of products to be incredible as well as everything having great prices."
- Rizzle, South Australia
11th July 2016
"Everything was perfect. The customer service was amazing and my package was packed with lots of care."
- Cloe, Sydney
11th July 2016
"ATMS was easy to navigate through and the items were packaged nicely and confidentially! The package arrived on time and came with a few extra goodies! Thank you."
- Bella, Adelaide
10th July 2016
"ATMS has the best collection of adult toys I have seen based in Australia. From fluffy handcuffs to hardcore bondage I know I can always find exactly what I am looking for."
- Sassysarah, Newcastle
10th July 2016
"Website was perfect to use. I spent about 5 hours browsing!!!"
- Mike R, Sydney
10th July 2016
"Adulttoymegastore was easy to use and handy. The items arrived later than I thought but discretely and safely, well packed and nicely presentable. The costumer care service was amazing! Thanks for everything guys I will defo come back."
- Lilpunk88, Perth
3rd July 2016
"Love ATMS! Good prices and when it's delivered it's very discrete"
- Magic, Melbourne
1st July 2016
"Absolutely Perfect experience :) Items were of the highest quality. Delivery was super-fast and everything was straight forward and very simple."
- Miss A, Western Australia
29th June 2016
"My experience with ATMS was great. Everything was speedy except for Aus Post which is not ATMS fault at all. They were really handy when I had questions and replied very quickly."
- T.t, Sunshine Coast
26th June 2016
"I enjoyed the website and the purchase of the items, it was quick and easy, everything you need when buying online."
- Cody Redman, Brisbane
25th June 2016
"The website was easy the price matching was so quick and simple. Postage was quick and every item arrived as described."
- Mol, Brisbane
25th June 2016
"I can't fault any part of my shopping experience with Adulttoymegastore. The products are great, shipping was fast and the items turned up in perfect condition. Overall, the customer service was fantastic!"
- Miss Swallows, Syndey
24th June 2016
"Fantastic deals! Great service and quick discreet delivery :-)"
- Miss A, Adelaide
24th June 2016
"I have used ATMS twice and I am about to use you again, fast delivery at a reasonable price!"
- Simlis, Melbourne
21st June 2016
"Easy website to navigate, packaged well with fast and discrete delivery."
- Ms Playful, Sydney
21st June 2016
"ATMS has a well set out website and strong easy to use search functions making finding your next (or first) toy almost as fun as using it!"
- Andrew, Adelaide
21st June 2016
"One of the easiest online megastores to navigate and the customer service is pretty good. I like how they include a card with the name of the person who packed the order that's really cute."
- Gina, Perth
20th June 2016
"Website was easy to navigate through. Delivery was quick and discreet. Customer service team is excellent!! Would definitely order more products."
- Mz Norti, Adelaide
20th June 2016
"ATMS is very user friendly, customer service was extremely good, postage was fast, discreet and tracked, and most importantly products were of great quality and exactly what I ordered!"
- Madame M, Cooktown
19th June 2016
"Love love love my recent purchase some well needed fun and relief is being had! I was extremely happy with the customer service when my order hadn't turned up and they informed me that it was waiting at my post office due to the courier company forgetting to leave a card in my mailbox to inform me."
- Miss C, Rockingham
14th June 2016
"Website was extremely easy to use, items arrived in a discreet box well packed, I emailed the customer care team regarding a mistake I made and the issue was addressed promptly. Perfect service, will definitely do business again."
- The D, South Australia
14th June 2016
"Easy website, great service when I had a question, excellent products!"
- A.k, Brisbane
14th June 2016
"Easy and discreet service. Huge range pf products with great prices."
- Mrs H, Victoria
13th June 2016
"The ATMS website is easy to navigate on both the computer and smart phone. Clear, precise and positive."
- Miss J, Western Australia
12th June 2016
"ATMS has an easy to navigate website, amazing range of products at fantastic prices, great service and quick delivery."
- Miss A, Canberra
11th June 2016
"Site easy to use on a PC or phone, very quick delivery and quality products."
- Nik G, Hobart
8th June 2016
"The website is simple to use and I was very pleased with how promptly my items arrived."
- C. Bald, South Australia
6th June 2016
"Customer service was extremely helpful with my enquiries and got back to me promptly. They also price matched a product I purchased saving me another $20.00, I was very impressed with this. My delivery arrived within the specified timeframe and was expertly wrapped."
- Miss F, Townsville
6th June 2016
"Overall ATMS was very easy to navigate - I found what I was looking for very quickly. Your intro gift was a lovely surprise and the customer care team was very accommodating."
- Mrs R, New South Wales
6th June 2016
"ATMS delivered my parcel fast and it was discreetly wrapped! I enjoyed the samples and the free gift that was included with my purchase."
- Liz N, Melbourne
5th June 2016
"Amazing experience with Adulttoymegastore, the company and the product was exactly what I ordered."
- Mrs S, Western Australia
4th June 2016
"Easy to use, easy to see available products, and easy to purchase, kept the girlfriend extremely happy when she received her items and how quickly she got them!"
- Lover Boi, Queensland
3rd June 2016
"Great first time order from ATMS, I really didn't expect it to be a good time but I'm happy to say I will most likely shop here again."
- Miss Ash, Sydney
3rd June 2016
"Bought a vibrator and it came packaged very discreetly so the people I live with don't suspect a thing!"
- Jay, Melbourne
1st June 2016
"ATMS website was easy to navigate, easy to order and the items came well packaged fairly quickly. Product quality was great, all at a fantastic price! Will buy again."
- Delights Of Angels, Australia
1st June 2016
"Website was laid out beautifully, customer care team was also great."
- Wayne, Victoria
30th May 2016
"Great prices, even better selection, and quality gear. Easy to navigate site, great service with quick dispatch!"
- Sr, New South Wales
30th May 2016
"The website is very easy to use and navigate on smartphones. Customer service is great both over the phone and via email."
- Sami, Melbourne
29th May 2016
"Such a user friendly website with a great range, everything arrived very quickly and discreetly. Thanks ATMS!!"
- Miss Pdr, Melbourne
28th May 2016
"I found the website easy to navigate around & the products are great. Delivery was quick too."
- Reddirtangel, Western Australia
28th May 2016
"ATMS is great, with extremely fast postage."
- Vernet, Sydney
24th May 2016
"Website was so easy to navigate and the whole process was easy. Even though there was a problem with the delivery, customer service kept me informed."
- Ms V, West Australia
23rd May 2016
"ATMS has great products, amazing prices and very helpful staff."
- Crackers, Sydney
20th May 2016
"I found ATMS extremely easy to navigate. You have a large range of products that interested me and I'm sure I will return to purchase them in the future. My products also arrived in the given time period .... so far I love you guys .... highly recommend you to others."
- Miss Moccha, Queensland
19th May 2016
"Very easy to use, sight was clear, whereas other sites are harder to go through. Plus, I liked how you didn't have heaps and heaps of pages to go through."
- Mr Jmm, South Australia
19th May 2016
"ATMS is a great website, easy to use with a huge range of products at great prices. My items arrived on time in a discreet box. Highly recommend this website."
- Miss Sally, Melbourne
17th May 2016
"The website was easy to navigate and visually appealing. I especially appreciated the sea graphic on the ‘my account page’. My items did arrive a little late, but customer service helped reassure me."
- Mx. M, Adelaide
16th May 2016
"Site was easy to use, items arrived quickly and was exactly what I ordered"
- Sand, Brisbane
16th May 2016
"I found the website very user friendly, the emails and service were prompt. I also love the fact that I can shop from the comfort of my own home and everything is delivered promptly and discreetly."
- Miss R, Melbourne
15th May 2016
"Wonderful product range, very easy to navigate, simple quick and easy! Will definitely buy again :)"
- G, New South Wales
11th May 2016
"I have to say your website was pretty darn good. Easy navigation and flow. Outstanding"
- Mr Nibbles, Brisbane
11th May 2016
"Easy to navigate through different products, with lots of variety to choose from."
- Kitty, Melbourne
10th May 2016
"Brilliant website, easy to use with excellent customer service!"
- Busy St Clair, Perth
10th May 2016
"ATMS is an easy website interface, with easy navigation and multiple ways to pay for your order. Items arrived safely and discreetly."
- Dragon, Toowoomba
10th May 2016
"Adulttoymegastore was really easy to use and provided easy access to products and information. The customer care team was great as well, as they eagerly addressed queries I had in a professional, friendly and informative manner."
- Miss T, Victoria
10th May 2016
"Such a great website, simple to use, great selection and the check out and delivery was extremely smooth. I am very happy with the way the products were packaged."
- Jazzi, Melbourne
9th May 2016
"ATMS was extremely easy to navigate, and our package arrived when promised."
- Mr Luck, Kingaroy
9th May 2016
"I'm new to ATMS and have already received some great discounts and a pack of freebies. The delivery was very quick and discreet. We are having so much fun with our toys and look forward to getting some more soon. Thanks ATMS!"
- Mr G, Melbourne
6th May 2016
"No complaints, everything was shipped off very fast and I loved the free samples and hand written note saying thank you!"
- Taylor, Queensland
4th May 2016
"ATMS is really easy to use. Checkout was really easy. Updates through emails were extremely helpful."
- Dan, Sydney
4th May 2016
"ATMS is a very easy to use site, great quality products, amazing prices and free gifts with purchase every now and then. Delivery is quick and the customer service is great."
- Nick G, Tasmania
3rd May 2016
"ATMS was easy to use and navigate. Items arrived on time and were well packaged. I was kept informed at all stages and with the correct information."
- Mr L, Bundaberg
2nd May 2016
"Adulttoymegastore has great customer service and the item I ordered arrived in just a few days."
- Mr J, Victoria
28th April 2016
"Very happy with everything from customer service to quick delivery. The products and services are of a high quality and I would recommend ATMS to anyone."
- Miss H, Queensland
27th April 2016
"The whole process with ATMS is easy to follow. The reviews are excellent and there is plenty of products to look at. The customer service is also great."
- Mr T, Adelaide
27th April 2016
"The website was easy to use, the items arrived in the time frame in new condition, The customer care team were great."
- Mr Col, Perth
26th April 2016
"ATMS was easy to use with good sub categories."
- Miss K, Syndey
26th April 2016
"Adulttoymegastore was easy to use and had great deals!"
- Mr. B, Sydney
26th April 2016
"I love the products, the prices, the ease and efficiency of ordering and delivery – I will be back!"
- Ms. A, Sunshine Coast
26th April 2016
"Fantastic customer service! Website was very easy to navigate and all my items came bubble wrapped to make sure that they weren't damaged in any way. Going to be ordering from them again for sure!!"
- Tartlet, Brisbane
25th April 2016
"ATMS has an excellent mobile site which loads fast and is easy to navigate. I also love the PayPal integration."
- 2xdead, Gold Coast
23rd April 2016
"Adulttoymegastores website is easy to use and comes with a great range of items. Delivery was quick and there were little notes included which made me more excited to use the site again, items were awesome - just what I wanted."
- Cr, Melbourne
23rd April 2016
"Easy website to use. Items arrived quickly. Great selection of toys available at reasonable prices!"
- Tdogg, Wa
23rd April 2016
"Adulttoymegastore was really easy to order from, with products arriving in only a couple of days! Can't wait to get stuck in to them."
- Jon, Sydney
22nd April 2016
"My husband and I find ATMS extremely easy to follow and have quite a few laughs even if we don't buy anything."
- Toyboy
20th April 2016
"Thank you ATMS for making our first time shopping online perfect. Customer service was without a doubt the best and we received our 'goodies' sooner than we expected. Looking forward to many more purchases. I’ve always been very sceptical with ordering online, but ATMS provided a very discreet shopping experience I felt safe and secure. Browsing through the products was a breeze compared to some other sites out there."
- Miss J, Melbourne
18th April 2016
"ATMS is a great website with an extensive product range - found lubes and toys I couldn't find anywhere else!"
- Mr G, Gold Coast
15th April 2016
"Nice website, good variety of stock. Great products and customer service. Reasonably fast postage. Will definitely purchase from ATMS again."
- Miss B, South Australia
11th April 2016
"We chose ATMS because the website is responsive and easy to navigate. Pricing was good, as was the selection of products. Once the order was placed, we were notified of the delivery process and timeframe, and, as exactly as explained, the products arrived quickly, with a follow-up emailing making sure everything was good. Overall the experience has been great. Being in the IT industry, the little things like website responsiveness, user experience and email workflow notifications mean a lot to me. These guys do it very very well."
- Dodgy Pete, Brisbane
10th April 2016
"I've made two purchases off your website so far and haven't had any issues and both times I received a free gift! Overnight shipping is another bonus."
- Miss N, Brisbane
9th April 2016
"Adulttoymegastore was intuitive and easy to use; items arrived the next working day."
- Jms, New South Wales
6th April 2016
"Website was easy to use and the customer service was exceptional."
- Lana, Brisbane
5th April 2016
"ATMS is a great place to deal with, I had an easy hassle free purchase."
- Oamarudad, South Australia
5th April 2016
"Always good service, fast delivery and good customer service when items are out of stock."
- Mr K, Western Australia
5th April 2016
"First time making a purchase of this kind and I found the website layout made it easy to find products as well as learn a bit about the items and how to use them too. Shipping was fast and discreet."
- Mizz Discreet, New South Wales
1st April 2016
"ATMS is a well-constructed website. Fast delivery and very polite customer care team."
- Mr I, New South Wales
29th March 2016
"The shopping experience was very easy, simple, with a straightforward checkout. I liked the shipping options available. Delivery was very prompt, and I received excellent communication from start to finish."
- Ryan, Queensland
29th March 2016
"I phoned in to make my order and was looked after very well with very kind assistance. I questioned the packing to be private and I was assured it would be and it was. I am very happy with the product we received and I will be in contact again."
- Mr T, Victoria
28th March 2016
"Great customer service, always fast with friendly responses. ATMS is so easy to use, being a first time user I found it so easy to use, I ordered at 11 am on the Tuesday and received my package the next morning with no issue and was super discreet."
- K C, Western Australia
27th March 2016
"ATMS was easy to navigate and delivery was super quick and discrete. I love my new toys X."
- J, South Australia
26th March 2016
"Placing my order with ATMS was easy and trouble free. Any issues I had with my order were sorted within a few hours!! I will definitely be placing another order!!"
- Ash, Queensland
26th March 2016
"I love ATMS service and shop with you every time I need something. I especially love that you have an affordable range for me to be able to purchase new things to try!"
- Joe, Victoria
23rd March 2016
"Adulttoymegastore is a great company to deal with. Great products and extremely great service. My bank also proved them a trusted site to use my credit card. We will definitely be shopping with ATMS time and time again. Thanks guys."
- Mr And Mrs C., Victoria
23rd March 2016
"ATMS has awesome customer service! Would definitely recommend to everyone! Fast reply to emails and chat. Also have really good quality products! 10/10 for me."
- Honey, Victoria
22nd March 2016
"Loved how easy it was to purchase items, next day delivery is amazing all round great service, especially with the follow up emails checking to see if packages have arrived and if the customer is happy. 10/10."
- Ree-ri, Western Australia
22nd March 2016
"Website and registration was really easy to use. Was stoked at how quickly my items arrived."
- Little Miss Happy, Northern Australia
22nd March 2016
"The website was easy to use and it was easy to place orders and double check your basket before paying."
- Ms Hays, Victoria
22nd March 2016
"Easy ordering system and next day delivery! Perfect can't wait to shop again!"
- Mermaidgirl, Queensland
21st March 2016
"Website was really easy. Looks fun and would definitely go back to purchase more things."
- Mrs R, Western Australia
20th March 2016
"ATMS has an easy ordering process, & speedy delivery."
- Dodgy, Tasmania
14th March 2016
"Fabulous website, amazingly quick, yet discreet service."
- Mr India, New South Wales
12th March 2016
"My toys arrived so fast and everything was exactly how I wanted! I am so impressed."
- Mid, South Australia
2nd March 2016
"ATMs are a fantastic company!! The website is really easy and simple to use, great prices great products and awesome value. Postage is very fast and makes me feel VIP & staff are all lovely people!! :D"
- Mr. Ftz, Victoria
27th February 2016
"Ordered from ATMS twice loved both of my deliveries .Quick, fast and cheap."
- Freak69, Western Australia
23rd February 2016
"Ordering was really simple, the website functions well. The parcel arrived promptly and even had a cute note in it to 'enjoy'. Nothing was over represented on the website as you come to expect these days."
- Ms, Northern Australia
18th February 2016
"Adulttoymegastore was very easy, considering I was ordering from my Smart phone, it was still very easy to read, and the website is very responsive. Liked it, and was great, and fast!"
- Malcs, South Australia
16th February 2016
"The website is easy to navigate, non-confrontational and is visually relatively well designed (especially for a sex toy shop). Delivery times were exceptional. I'm happy to say that my experience with ATMS was faultless and I'll likely shop with them again!"
- Ms S, Queensland